Death Note Copycat Murder

October 2, 2007 at 1:47 am | Posted in Death Note | 35 Comments

La Dernière Heure, a French daily newspaper in Belgium similar to United Kingdom’s The Sun or America’s New York Post, reports that two identical messages linked to the Death Note manga were left near severed body parts that were discovered Friday afternoon in the forest of Belgium’s Duden Park. According to the newspaper, the two paper sheets both say “Watashi wa Kira dess,” an apparent misspelling of the Japanese phrase “Watashi wa Kira desu,” or “I am Kira (Killer).” This is a catchphrase from writer Tsugumi Ooba and artist Takeshi Obata‘s Death Note, a suspense manga series, in which a high school boy discovers a notebook which allows him to kill people by writing their names in it.

Source: ANN

And so it begins…
Actually it’s long over do. Death Note Copycat killers.

As horrible as it is, I can’t help but laugh. I think the misspelling of ‘desu’ has a little to do with it too. I didn’t put the whole article but the body parts found were two thighs and a lower abdomen of a white male.

Personally, I think he picked the wrong manga to emulate. His style seems much more MPD Psycho.

The question is though…

Who’s going to be the L?



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  1. No worries, I’m already on the trail.

    Kira, your actions are nothing more then that of a crazy muderer. It’s obvious that you want a challenge, and I will be that challenge. Iku zo, Kira!

  2. Huuzaah! The great L has arrived to bring swift justice to the world!
    (And he knows how to spell ‘desu’ right, yeh?!)

  3. Actually, the misspelled letter in “Watashi wa Kira dess” could have possibly be written on purpose. You see, people might laugh at this flaw, but what you don’t see, is that this “Kira” might be smarter than you think. A probability that he tried to put the people off focus on the situation, and so let the people lose the attention of who he might be. This guy might be smarter than we thought. Although, I know a way to take him down.

  4. Hmm, Si, I see. You could very well be onto something Anonymous-san.
    Share your thoughts on how to take him down?

  5. Hail Kira, for Kira is justice.

  6. The person that wants to be Kira is just another pretender; I will find the person wanting to be Kira, but I won’t end up dead.

  7. … I will surpass L … I will find kira without being killed…

    • Apparently you are near then! Hehe

  8. Hehe. You people are funny, don’t you think? One if he is stupid enough to respond on this site his IP adress will be recorded. Cute little dectectives shall end up dead; and three, copycat killers are lame. Learn your own methods, Dammit.

  9. Meh, How did i stumble across this site again?

  10. Anonymous is clearly the brightest L here. Too bad we dont need L and M but an N. Maybe a black person. Hehe not intentionally racist. Im black so its a joke.

  11. yeah i think anonymous is right, but no one should do anything about it without protection and the police.even if you do find him the police still need at least adequate evidence to even try to arrest him.also,how do we know if it is a him?

  12. This case bears no resemblence to any killings in the death note series. How can he/she call himself Kira? Just deluded, a very sad and pointless waste of human life.

  13. This killer is not Kira, they are a misguided fool, and whether they own their own note or not, they will be judged, to dare to act in my name is unacceptable, I am justice

  14. If this man is Kira, then think this to yourself. What was his objective in severing the body of a person unless he had a perfectly good reason in doing so? Was he trying to hide something the victim had knowlege or possession of or did he do this to prove his power? But I do find it very stupid and immature of him to leave notes behind saying he’s Kira. Speaking of the notes, why are there two? Did you ever wonder why there was two or did it escape your consiousness?

  15. There are several more Kiras out there.Isn’t it time for someone to put a stop to it?Perhaps we need a L. My friends and i have already begun on investigating,but i bet there are a lot more people out there doing the same thing,but if you need help on finding this Kira poser I’ll gladly help. :]

  16. You are all fools, There was only one real Kira and non of you are him, I am not either, the person who did this shall pay for using his name…HAIL KIRA

  17. Why would anyone copy what Light Yagami did in Death Note? He got killed by a simple mistake, isn’t that enough of a reason not to copy him? Or maybe to just do it differently, same purpose different plan. What I’m saying is if one wanted to copy Light they would need to go back and review what he did and learn from his mistakes and then go out and try to become Kira.

  18. The post= hilarious.
    The ridiculous comments= hilarious.

    Truly epic.

  19. hmmm a copycat, and if the cat copies right then he will die and justice will made.

  20. On second thought, forget what I typed before. I’m stupid for that those posts and comments are hilarious. Hilarity is for losers.

  21. Kira rules forever! Death to those who are against him!

  22. Hello everyone, I am K. This alias, is to cover my real identity. Of course I took this idea from the Anime series, but this is a good stradegy.

    I would like you all to know, I’ve been working on this case for a small time now, with a partner, and we are coming close to a strong conclusion.

    Currently, the only thing we need from you, the people, is some evidence. If, anyone who is willing to help, finds any information of deaths OUTSIDE of the Belgium area (do not send me deaths in belgium), between the time of Decemeber 1995 to September 28+ of 2009, to now. Please send me the information with the website you found your info. If a website is not provided with proof, I will not consider your information. I go by many, many names. Canaan, in america, Kyruga in Japan, and most other countries, just K. please contact my american email adress, it’s the current email adress I’m using to hold files for this case ( Yes, Canaan is my real name. This is all for a purpose. Any children messaging me with comments and other childlike messages such as “I am kira” will be ignored. Please consider this that I have asked. It will be of much use. You can find this same message on many other websites.

    Another Note: Do not think you can steal my case files from my computer. My computer has an IP address randomizer. It is impossible to gain the files.

    Thank you all for your consideration.


  23. the person who is writing annonymously. Please contact me, ( the assumption you have made is the same assumption we made at the start of our case. We will no if you are not this annonymous writer, please do not tell me you are, I will no by how logical your mind is.

    However, we have other assumptions, since the topic is the mis-spelled word in Japanese, and 1 assumption has been made. I will gladly share our other assumption.

    He mis-spelled this word in order for locals to beleive he was of Japanese decent. Being in Belgium this person will not correctly know japanese. A translation would be needed, it could easily be gained on gooogle translator, by simply typing “I am Kira” in english and translating to Japanese you will get the same, mis-spelled sentence. Careless on his part. This person who is killing is not as smart as you think, it’s a pitty really, someone with such potiental with so many flaws, which we know. Or, My other investigator and I know. we have evidence proving our conclusions so far.

    Again, thank you for reading

  24. if there truly is a ‘Kira’ out there wouldn’t there be people all over the world freaking out just like in the anime. Also the fact that ‘Kira’ hasn’t killed people in America or any other place means HE ISN’T KIRA but in fact a totally different type of sadistic killer, a person trying to pretend to be kira just like the people in the yotsuba case and just so you people out there who think this is a real ‘KIRA’ case YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!!

  25. I think he spelled desu wrong because he is trying to tell the police force or whoever is researching this stupid case that he is smart and can unwillingly make mistakes too because he too is a human being. And another thing; Shinigami do in fact exist!!!!! i seen one myself scared the crap out of me!!!

  26. i think you are all sadists

  27. Sweet site, I hadn’t noticed before in my searches! Keep up the great work!

  28. I am L.
    After doing some research into this “Manga Murder” as it has been dubbed the only logical explination that can be obtained is that this most likely is a prank from the nearby coledge and can be noticed by a few details that are not present at the scene of the crime.

    First I would like you all to note that these are surgical precision amputations to the torso and thighs of this victim. That leads us to believe that someone with extensive surgical/medical knowledge or someone who had access to these surgical equipment could have done this. It is highly unlikely that a man would go through such lengths to remove all traces of hair before the removal of these body parts is possible. Most killers would not bother with small details such as this. this is the first clue that this is a hoax.

    Second you will notice the lack of blood from the victims body. while it is possible that the victim was bled out prior to the disposal of the body, a killer would not have the time and leasure to be as methodical as this shows. Also i would like to point out that there is the possibility of freezing the body to transfer it to its intended drop point, but i would also like to point out that after the body thaws the blood would become fluid again and unless the body had been extensivly bled out, there would still be dna evidence to assist with the investigation. since the news letter does not in-fact mention any of this it strengthens my assumption that this was a prank.

    Third. Think on this, if you will. The university that was closest by was in fact a medical university complete with mortuary for students to go in for such classes as forensic science or even to become a surgeon themselves. Think of how badly this schools reputation would be tarnished had they admitted to the “misplacement” of a corpse. Naturally it is expected that such a problem would be easiest to avoid by denying its involvement into this.

    Fourth, The removal of the hair from the body is a common practice in the field of medicine. The surgeon removes the hair from the areas that require surgery as to not let the areas become infected. Along with this it informs us that the victim was deceased BEFORE the process had happened. And where is this most common of all? A mortuary. specifically if the body parts had to be removed for study of the inside of the leg by medical students. Blood would also be absent due to this fact as well.

    Now to address the note left on the scene. watashi wa kira desu or I am kira would be quite disturbing had the suspect spelled the note correctly and if this had been a whole corpse that had only suffered a stroke or heart attack rather than be diced up. The possibility of this actually being done by Kira or a psychotic killer remains slim since Kira’s main choice of weapon was in fact the deathnote and his modus operandi had been heart attacks. So we can rest assured that this was not done by someone with a deathnote or by a fictional charatcer from a manga. Could there really be a Kira and a Deathnote? While modern day science would be quick to deny this, there could be a chance that the occult may have created a form of the DeathNote.

    But in this case, no. the culprit was not Kira. If this were the work of a modern day Kira then this victim would be a criminal and would be identifiable yet dead by what would be presumed as natural causes or an accident.

    Is this the work of a serial killer? before I can fully answer this question I would have to research into the Mons serial killer case to be certain, but as it stands now, the university prank seems to be the best logical answer that is available with the data I have collected.

    This has been the extent of my investigation.


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  30. Kitty in the pot cool story bro

  31. Only wanna remark that you have a very nice website , I love the pattern it actually stands out.

  32. Hey guys, nice to be here! I love!

  33. lol wel all you L’s read this im from belgium and we know the truth here by now 3 college students killed a housegeust in a ragingfight didnt now what to do cut up the boddy burned some parts then realizing the burning is gonna raise qeustins and lead to them thy dropped the parts in the park with the note misspselled on purpose all to distract the cops from them onto some possible copycat killer and dont ask me how thy new where to look its not in the article


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