Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Volume 1 manga review

October 3, 2007 at 10:51 pm | Posted in Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro | 1 Comment
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So bascially, Neuro (the name is far too long to keep typing) volume one is one very original manga. I can see how some people wouldn’t want to read it due to it’s sheer oddity. But it really does draw one in. The mysteries in this volume are not so deep, and usually take one chapter to solve, but they are good ones. What’s better is that they range in variety, even if they are all murders.

Volume one introduces Katsuragi Yako, a seemingly distraught highschool girl, at the police station. He father, Seiichi Katsuragi, a 42 year old architect had just been brutally murdered in their home. Little does she know, Yako is being observed from above. Observed by Hell spawn Neuro Nougami. He follows her into her room by absorbing into the walls.

After popping out several times he introduces himself to Yako and tells her that he is looking for the ultimate riddle. Neuro eats riddles, you see. Now, I bet you’re wondering how he goes about doing that, righto? Well, it’s sort of like eating an aura. He just sort of sucks it up.


Suddenly Neuro gets a wiff of a good mystery and drags Yako to a bar, in which a man later dies from poison. After solving the case through with his demon tools he uses Yako as, well, a puppet. Sort of like how child Conan uses people in Detective Conan. Except his forces her to do it through demon powers.

Anyway, Neuro was not satisfied with just that one mystery. He decides to play the role as Yako’s assistant, with Yako being the detective. After solving the murder of her own father with Neuro’s help she gains even more respect from the police force. They now allow her to assist them on crimes.


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  1. i looove tis anime…but..has a realy good twist to it… and that…i like…

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