Zombies on a plane

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Oh lawd. I saw this commercial last night for Flight of the living dead. ^_^ Two hours later after my chuckling quieted…I laughed a little more.

What the hell, man! I don’t even…I can’t even imagine how that would be possible. Zombie gets up on a plan, kills the passenger, pilots lock the door and land the plane. Of course, this is not the real world. The world of cinema leaves the pilots wide one and they will be the first to die.

I need a summary of what the movie could possibly be about.

On a flight from Los Angeles to Paris, a mad scientist on the run from the CIA is transporting a coffin containing the body of a colleague infected with a genetically modified virus. While the 747 crosses a violent thunderstorm, the instability of the aircraft allows the corpse to get out of its container. The flesh-eating zombie quickly starts to spread the virus, infecting many of the passengers which now will have to fight for their lives stranded in the air with no way out…

Source: IMBD

If it has Sam Jackson in it, then it’s going to be a hit.
Damnz…It doesn’t.

As long as it’s not as god awful as Rave of the dead, I might give it a watch.


Shigurui Episode 2 ~ Sit around and talk.

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You know how I was saying there better be some epic sword battles in this? Well, this is another episode that disappoints in this area. I did, however, realize something. This is not some action packed shounen shit. This something…deeper. This isn’t some kill fest of a seinen, this has a plot. God knows what that plot is, since it’s been almost all flashback, but still. I can feel something good coming.

So, instead of fast-paced sword battles, you know what they did? They did that ‘pan across one scene when it’s frozen’ thing. So it looks like it’s moving slowly, but it’s not.

The episode starts with a flashback telling of the master samurai Kogan. Creator of the Koganryuu, which is the style Fujiki uses. It is said that the stance Kogan uses in Koganryuu, the Nagareboshi, is the best there is.

It then switches back to Irako standing of against Ushimata Gonzaemon, where episode 1 left off. Ushimata uses not a bokken but a large, wide wooden sword. Which I found sort of…well, interesting I guess. It seems like the type of weapon best fitting for a guy like him.

Ushimata completely whips Irako’s ass with his supreme (but not perfected) Koganryuu style. Then with as much honor as a cowardly dog, Irako asks to join the dojo. Ushimata finds this weak and cuts his face, telling him that the dojo is not a place to play.

The story switches to a little side story about Kogan’s only daughter, whom I assume is Mie-chan. Then to her preparing some really…disturbing looking beans for something. Irako is summoned from his room by Ushimata and they go to see Master Kogan about Irako’s admittance into the school.

Boy, does he get the surprise of his life! Even before they see Kogan, this whole thing seems off. The members of the dojo put blood on their foreheads and a sticky bean on Irako’s head. Then, it gets worse.

Kogan appears! Not in some awesome dramatic thing either. He reminds me very much of a zombie. Even moans like one. And waggles his tongue about like a sick old man. With ultra quick speed and mad skills he divides the bean on Irako’s head into four pieces in a blink of an eye.

After that he pees himself.
No joke.

Ending an episode with that just makes me want to watch the next.

Bamboo Blade OP

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While I’m waiting for the subbed episode one to appear on Crunchyroll, I decided to watch the opening instead. Next best thing, righto?

Um, excuse me, waiter, someone put harem in my kendo anime! Being it does look like a harem sort of anime, it looks alright. How much fanservice could you possibly get from girls in kendo uniforms.

I’m sure they will find a way to put some in, but it doesn’t matter.

I think it looks pretty good. Oh, and for the lulz, I was playing ‘Where’s Raito’


Rosario + Vampire trailer

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If I’m not mistaken, when I read the Rosario+Vampire manga, it involved a man. Other than the japanese voice heard in the trailer, I see not man. Just four girls that say to me ‘This is going to be an anime of pure fanservice, enjoy’

-_- Son of a…

Not that I really liked the Rosario+Vampire series, but I had hoped the anime would not…be like it’s going to be with it’s boobs and butt.

It’s about a guy called Tsukune Aono who accidentally enrols in a school for monsters and demons and end up with a harem of supernatural beings. The heroine is Moka Akashiya, a vampire, who falls in love with Tsukune’s blood at first sight. Then there’s the succubus, the witch girls and the ice girl.

Harem animes…I haven’t liked one of those since Love Hina.

Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi Episode 1

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Funny thing about this anime. I was actually looking for Ayakashi, you know, that one about ghost stories. But I couldn’t find that one. So I settled for this one. XD Same name, righto? Lol.

Also in my Shigurui episode 1 review I said my rule of thumb about anime made by Madhouse. Well, this isn’t made by Madhouse, but BONES. You know what? Bones is a hit-or-miss company for me. Wolf’s Rain was good. I’m not really a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist. Darker than BLACK is supposed to be great. And I pretty much dislike all of Eureka Seven.

So this anime will be a surprise since I can’t prejudge it by the company! 😀

I tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. It starts off with kids praying for a good harvest when a demon appears for pretty much no reason. You know why I liked the demon, it reminded me of the big point beast from the Gantz Dino arc (That was a manga-only arc, by the way.)

The story changes to a town in which we meet a homeless woman and child begging for scraps outside a bathhouse. Yuki, a young man employed at the bathhouse watched the yakuza of the area chase them off before returning to work.

Inside, surrounded by sweaty naked men, Yuki dishes out water for the men to bathe in. He over hears the Yakuza boss talking about how the town is infested with homeless, or floaters as they call them. Seemingly on purpose, Yuki lets his bandage show making the Yakuza boss suspicious. It turns out he has the two tattoos of a floater who’s been caught outside of the ghetto.

After insisting he’s not a floater Yuki does the most detrimental thing he could do to his case. He does a flying duck and roll out the window and runs away.

The scene changes to Yuki near the shore selling worms. After this he begins walking and runs into the homeless boy he saw in town. The boy was digging, Yuki assumes he was looking for food and tries to drag him away. He screams bloody murder and his mother shows up.

The scene again changes to a mountain man, Abi, and a trap cross-dressing man, Edo, who are looking for Yuki, who’s real name is Yukiatsu.

Again the scene changes to the homeless boy digging again. This time he’s approached by Saizo, a feminine and young samurai. Yukiatsu thinks that he is after the boy for being a floater and sends Saizo into the mud through some badass Bruce Lee moves. Lol. >_>

After taking the homeless floater family to stay with his friend, Yukiatsu finds that the boy has run off. To do what? Dig. Kids…sheesh.

This time he digs up what, to me, looks like lava. It’s not. It’s some kind of…memorizing different dimension. Remember that demon from the beginning? Yeah. He appears shortly after.

Abi and Saizo show up to try to fend it off, but with little luck. Yukiatsu gets beaten pretty badly and disappears in the mud only to do this…dramatic rise up-and-float thing. Apparently his powers have awoken! Oh, how nice. He does a number on the demon, but does not defeat it. The episode ends with yet another demon showing up.

I thought it was pretty good. It sort of seems like a generic shounen sort of thing to me right now, but I think it has good potential to get interesting.

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