Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 1

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This is another one of those animes I ‘watched on accident’. Not that I wasn’t going to watch it, but I was supposed to be watching Myself; Yourself. Anyway, my very first impression of this made me think of Tales of Legendia, based purely on the style of their clothes and the way the characters looked. But that’s good, I liked Tales of Legendia.

It starts off with Jin Kamishina, our hero, on a space flight with his family. In the makings of a real hero, the space flight gets hit by this…space asteroid thing, and everyone was killed except him. It’s really quite sad, later in the episode you find out his mother and sister were flying through the air near him, but got hit by a large piece of ship. :<

A short while later Jin is staying with some relatives and is being pestered by what I assume is a journalist. Can’t those damn media folks just leave pained people alone? Sheesh.

Elsewhere, in some uber-secret laboratory, a child-hood friend of Jin’s named Kazuki is about to undergo a Resonance. Which is quite a shocking ritual where a dragon egg sucks out a bit of your life in order to grow, making the human a ‘Dragonaut’.

Meanwhile~ Jin is walking down the street when he witnesses a monster killing a young woman. Oh noes! Now the monster, being the monster that he is, decides to attack Jin. Jin, being very much like a little girl, runs off screaming. Eventually he ends up being blown out of a building, much like that time he was going into space and his ship asploded!

This time, he was saved by a mysterious and busty pink haired woman named Toa. Suddenly, Jin…Doesn’t feel so alone.

I liked it, but then again I like most things. It wasn’t great, but it was far from bad. The characters are all beautiful and, in true style to anime, come with every hair color in the rainbow.


Ghost Hunt Volume 2 manga review

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Now if you surf the net looking for scary anime, like I have, this volume will sometimes turn up with people saying it’s scary. It’s not. There are worse ones. Actually most Ghost Hunt volumes turn out more sad than scary.


When we left off in volume one Mai was invited to work for Naru’s company, Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) as a secretary. I feel I should mention that there is very little Lin (Naru’s real assistant) in this chapter, but there are some really funny little side stories in the panels. I felt I should mention that.

A case comes in and it turns out that Houshou Takigawa, or Monk-san as they call him, and Ayako Matsuzaki (a Miko) are going to be frequent characters since Naru hires them to help with exorcisms. John Brown (The Australian exorcist) and Masako Hara (Psychic medium from TV) show up too, but not much in this volume.

The case is that a woman and her child are being tormented by a poltergeist that flips furniture and causes dangerous accidents about the house. But the dead giveaway is that the little girl is carrying a doll. Not a strange, but normal Cabbage Patch Kids, but one of those creepy porcelain faced dolls.

Ayako does an exorcism, and much like in volume one, she fails at it. Then after more incidents happen, it’s Monk-san’s turn to try and exorcism. Didn’t work. Turns out the Ghost is in a very obvious place. Where!? In the doll, that’s right. So they burn it. Which is quite possibly the most popular way to deal with anything strange.


Exorcism of a doll. 

Finally, through the combined efforts of Masako, John and ultimately Naru the ghost is put to rest. It turns out she was a mother who’s child was kidnapped and so she suicided in the well. Now her ghost had been dragging children down into said well that had been build over.

Sounds a lot like Ringu to me. >_>

For volume filler they end it with a case about a Ghost in the park. Ultimately it’s about Masako’s romantic interests in Naru as well as Mai’s little hints of jealousy. The Ghost they find is hilarious, though. XD


Masako is possessed by the park ghost, BTW. 

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