Shigurui episode 4 ~ Men are pigs.

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This episodes, for some reason, puts a lot of emphasis on lips. I have no sure idea why but I can hazard some guesses. Maybe it’s something to do with communication, the kiss being a binding thing (since this episode also deals heavily with lust and love), or maybe it’s just to show off Ushimata’s face after that sword-to-face wound healed. Feel free to provide input.

The episode begins with a little children’s song about Iku, who is master Kogan’s lover. I’m not sure what it means, but I got the impression that she’s killed all of her previous lovers.

Iku later meets up at the hot spring bath with Irako where they talk about Kogan. Of course they were seen by Ushimata and he…suspects the worst of Iku. You know. Women and their animal urges. -_-

Anyway it goes to a flashback when Master Kogan actually had decent skin. It turns out that he killed Iku’s previous lover, and she’s pretty distraught to find this out from Irako. As…you know…She’s been sleeping with his killer.

That night at the dojo of broken dreams, we return for the decision of who will get to sleep with Mie-chan and provide an heir. Irako it is, Fujiki stands up to, I suppose, object but you never see him attack. Mie attempts to leave but her father cuts her in the butt. >_>

As she is being held down by the men, Mie-chan realizes something that all girls realize at some point. The thing that my psychology teacher reminds us of almost every week. Men are pigs. Women are just a tool for birth.

Irako doesn’t tap that though. He declines. It doesn’t show what becomes of Mie, but later Fujiki is shown using a new technique to kill a man. Irako is then later shown with either a whore or Iku (same thing, righto?) whose tied up in some serious bondage.

It seems Irako has perfected Kogan’s bean splitting technique, as he preforms it on this whore’s nipple.

The two warriors have grown strong. (If anyone knows where I can find episodes 5-12, it’d be super if you could tell me.)


Shigurui Episode 3 ~ Losing face.

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This episode, actually sort of scared me. Maybe not so much scared, as shocked. But either way I’ve lost most of the respect I’ve ever had for samurai between this episode and episode 4.

I didn’t mention this in the episode 2 review because I didn’t think it would be important, but apparently it’s a reoccurring thing. The the beginning and near the end of this episode there is a merchant girl who sings a childhood rhyme. It’s sort of like counting to ten, but what’s she’s singing are also words for vegetables. (Ichijiki = fig; Ichi = 1)

Well, yeah. Irako rapes her. First thing in the episode, rapes her. I thought she was dead, but I was relieved to see her singing at the end of the episode. Other than that, Irako’s become very skilled in the past year he’s been training at the Koganryuu dojo. It seems that he will be the heir to the Koganryuu style, not Fujiki. You can imagine, there’s a bit of bad blood about this.

At this time Master Kogan also becomes…Alive? Conscious? It’s stated that these few days that he is conscious that he decides the doings of the dojo. His first task though is to fondle his daughter Mie-chan, turns out she’s ready to bear an heir. But who will sow the seed?

Ushimata suggests Fujiki as he respects Mie-chan. However, it’s not about respect for women. Of course not. Silly Goose. It’s about who will provide the stronger heir. As punishment Ushimata gets a sword to the face.

Ugh, I could kick myself right now. I know it tells of twin swordsmen who are the strongest in Nissaka, but for the life of me I can’t remember WHY Fujiki and Irako are sent to kill them. Chances are it has something to do with them being the strongest.

There’s one point at which the twin brothers are in their rooms…doing…something? I think they were flogging themselves or something. As it zooms out and shows blood all over ther futons. All these samurai are turning out to be maniacs.

Either way, Fujiki and Irako corner them in the wilderness. Fujiki uses the one move he has to his advantage over Irako. The Flow style. Which leaves a small cut in the head and the blood just pours our in a…flowing style. Distracted by his brother’s wound, the other twin is later killed by Irako. As a battle trophy they take their faces. =/

This anime is so gory I should look away, but I can’t. Then again I can only find 4 episodes…

Myself; Yourself Episode 1

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Finally, I’m getting around to watching the anime that every other anime blog has reviewed. I ‘unno, I guess they were all anticipating it. I don’t see why, well, I do, it was cute and every thing, but it wasn’t great. Animation wasn’t especially beautiful.

It starts off with a group of friends having a going away party for their friend Sana-kun. I was a bit put off by the little kids, but I just stuck it out and hoped that they would grow up. They did, they did. It’s cool, man.

Five years later Sana-kun returns as a sixteen year old to go to high school. Why he returned? I do not know, I can hazard a guess though. I bet it was to see his friends. =/ Took him long enough though.

On his way to his apartment Sana takes a detour to the shrine where he finds himself being stalked by this attractive temple girl. Any animewatcher with a brain can recognize her as Nanaka, his childhood friend who played a lovely violin song at his going away party. However, anime men forget the women of their past. While he was there Sana got his fortune told. …This is where I worry it will turn into some sort of Harem anime. It told of Misfortune and especially bad relationships with ladies. =/

Finally, he gets to his apartments and is greeted by another girl from his past, the ever perky Aoi. Again the harem genre shows it’s ugly head as he notices how much her bust developed. After finally ditching Aoi, Sana goes out to get some food and stops at a bookstore. Again, he runs into Aoi, who goes into a very amusing rant about the book was about to pick up.

Aoi invites Sana over to dinner where we get to see her father, who looks young enough to be her brother, and her mother who suggests they marry. Sana gets home late that night and is awoken by Aoi to go to school. Seeing as they didn’t have to be in until later, Aoi makes them breakfast. Turns out she’s very good in the kitchen and even carries an apron around. ^_^

At school Sana is put in the same class as the Watasuki (Syusuke and Syuri) twins, more old friends. The temple maiden is there as well. Sana is glad to see her, buuuut…Seeing as he didn’t remember who she was Nanaka slaps him good and hard. It was only after seeing the hair tie he had given her as a child did he recognize her.


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