Myself; Yourself Episode 1

October 7, 2007 at 1:56 am | Posted in Myself; Yourself | 3 Comments
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Finally, I’m getting around to watching the anime that every other anime blog has reviewed. I ‘unno, I guess they were all anticipating it. I don’t see why, well, I do, it was cute and every thing, but it wasn’t great. Animation wasn’t especially beautiful.

It starts off with a group of friends having a going away party for their friend Sana-kun. I was a bit put off by the little kids, but I just stuck it out and hoped that they would grow up. They did, they did. It’s cool, man.

Five years later Sana-kun returns as a sixteen year old to go to high school. Why he returned? I do not know, I can hazard a guess though. I bet it was to see his friends. =/ Took him long enough though.

On his way to his apartment Sana takes a detour to the shrine where he finds himself being stalked by this attractive temple girl. Any animewatcher with a brain can recognize her as Nanaka, his childhood friend who played a lovely violin song at his going away party. However, anime men forget the women of their past. While he was there Sana got his fortune told. …This is where I worry it will turn into some sort of Harem anime. It told of Misfortune and especially bad relationships with ladies. =/

Finally, he gets to his apartments and is greeted by another girl from his past, the ever perky Aoi. Again the harem genre shows it’s ugly head as he notices how much her bust developed. After finally ditching Aoi, Sana goes out to get some food and stops at a bookstore. Again, he runs into Aoi, who goes into a very amusing rant about the book was about to pick up.

Aoi invites Sana over to dinner where we get to see her father, who looks young enough to be her brother, and her mother who suggests they marry. Sana gets home late that night and is awoken by Aoi to go to school. Seeing as they didn’t have to be in until later, Aoi makes them breakfast. Turns out she’s very good in the kitchen and even carries an apron around. ^_^

At school Sana is put in the same class as the Watasuki (Syusuke and Syuri) twins, more old friends. The temple maiden is there as well. Sana is glad to see her, buuuut…Seeing as he didn’t remember who she was Nanaka slaps him good and hard. It was only after seeing the hair tie he had given her as a child did he recognize her.




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  1. i love this episode. im going to continue watching this anime due to the plot. the seiyuu isn’t that brilliant considering their past projects. but oh well, i will try this anime out =P

  2. Romance animes have plots? =o
    No, I’m sure it has a plot, but…I’ve yet to see one showing up. Mostly I just predict drama and every now and then some crazy shenanigans. Not really anything decently intriguing.

    Then again….

  3. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back 😉

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