Shigurui Episode 3 ~ Losing face.

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This episode, actually sort of scared me. Maybe not so much scared, as shocked. But either way I’ve lost most of the respect I’ve ever had for samurai between this episode and episode 4.

I didn’t mention this in the episode 2 review because I didn’t think it would be important, but apparently it’s a reoccurring thing. The the beginning and near the end of this episode there is a merchant girl who sings a childhood rhyme. It’s sort of like counting to ten, but what’s she’s singing are also words for vegetables. (Ichijiki = fig; Ichi = 1)

Well, yeah. Irako rapes her. First thing in the episode, rapes her. I thought she was dead, but I was relieved to see her singing at the end of the episode. Other than that, Irako’s become very skilled in the past year he’s been training at the Koganryuu dojo. It seems that he will be the heir to the Koganryuu style, not Fujiki. You can imagine, there’s a bit of bad blood about this.

At this time Master Kogan also becomes…Alive? Conscious? It’s stated that these few days that he is conscious that he decides the doings of the dojo. His first task though is to fondle his daughter Mie-chan, turns out she’s ready to bear an heir. But who will sow the seed?

Ushimata suggests Fujiki as he respects Mie-chan. However, it’s not about respect for women. Of course not. Silly Goose. It’s about who will provide the stronger heir. As punishment Ushimata gets a sword to the face.

Ugh, I could kick myself right now. I know it tells of twin swordsmen who are the strongest in Nissaka, but for the life of me I can’t remember WHY Fujiki and Irako are sent to kill them. Chances are it has something to do with them being the strongest.

There’s one point at which the twin brothers are in their rooms…doing…something? I think they were flogging themselves or something. As it zooms out and shows blood all over ther futons. All these samurai are turning out to be maniacs.

Either way, Fujiki and Irako corner them in the wilderness. Fujiki uses the one move he has to his advantage over Irako. The Flow style. Which leaves a small cut in the head and the blood just pours our in a…flowing style. Distracted by his brother’s wound, the other twin is later killed by Irako. As a battle trophy they take their faces. =/

This anime is so gory I should look away, but I can’t. Then again I can only find 4 episodes…



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  1. Uh, it’s not clear that the girl on the bridge was raped, or just had a tryst with Irako; the blush suggests she was taken with him anyways. The two bloodied young men were, however, raped. By the two brothers.

    It’s understandable that as a woman you’re offended by rape. But it’s interesting that you see it present in one case where it’s not so clear, but completely overlook it in another, far more obvious setting.

  2. That is interesting.I did’nt get at all that Irako raped bridge girl. It was obvious they found a secluded place to touch bellies. The vacant look in her eyes at the end was because Irako really let her have it. It was however quite obvious to me that the tough guy twins did at least aggressively fornicate in the butts of those boys as the were bleeding rectally. However, afterward they were commenting right after about being bodily cleansed, which leads me to belive it may be some kind of tradition or custom and the boys/eunichs just had to grin and bear it. However, it is interesting the different perspectives of the situation…..very interesting indeed.

  3. yeah, I can tell you don’t watch a lot of anime…Shigurui is very tame compared to the more gory anime out there..secondly even though the movie is based off of Nanjou Norio’s historical novel Suruga-Jō Gozen Jiai understand that not all training dojo’s fully represented the traditions of the samurai. A dojo was committed to maintaining a particular fighting style that had to be passed down to its own successor…during this time according to Nanjou Norios novel Suruga-Jō Gozen Jiai many of the social norms of japan had suffered. The anime is more so reflecting a historical account that has been adapted for entertainment purposes. History is graphic, deal with it. Shigurui as an anime is okay, but the writing could have been much better…but just understand that the traditions of a training dojo will not always go by the precedent of the samurai traditions.

  4. I thought I saw blood on the walls in the rice windmill pounder. She wasn’t raped. Quite clearly not, as she was obviously digging him. The two butt brothers, well, that wasn’t rape either, it was more like BDSM. See, they were bought and paid for, prostitutes. And Actually back them homosexuality was seen as abominable, at least for males, much as homosexuality for males is seen abominable today in many countries, and everywhere in the past. There has never been a law punishing female homosexuality in all of history, but there are laws against male homosexuality currently in over 40 countries, most common punishment being death. The UK killed Alan Turing in the 1940’s after he broke the nazi code because he was homosexual. Hitler goes around killing gays, and then, while beating back the nazi scourge, the UK still kills off one of their own for being gay. Not quite literally, of course, but with sterilization/deballing that drove him to suicide through chemical imbalance. It was either that or prison for Mr. Turing.

    To return to the show, they were committing an abominable act by being homosexual, its like symbolism of their corruption, both as samurai and as a group of community leaders.

    Can you rape a prostitute? Maybe in current year this is rape, but it surely is not so back then. You pay for a product, you use that product how you want, and its over. Its not that much different from a man paying a woman to BDSM whip him until he bleeds.In this instance, they’re prostitutes and willing to bleed for money. The brothers are into sadism aspect, clearly, but that doesn’t suddenly make it rape.

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