Tenpo Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi Episode 2

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Yookay! Where episode one left off is where we pick up. After a little intro from Yukiatsu’s cheerful friend Kumoshichi. These two beasties are known as Youi and instead of, you know, killing the humans, they end up fighting with each other. Both of them dematerialized, but apparently aren’t dead.

Yukiatsu runs off and falls through a loose plank into the river. Shotty feudal japan planks -_- Anyway, he’s picked up by the South Edo Magistrate members who had sent Saizo, Abi, and Edo to find him. The talk to Yukiatsu about joining the Bansha Aratamesho to fight these Youi, but Yukiatsu is unsure. Probably because he’s been running from this otherworld that the demons come from.

Oh, that reminds me. Saizo, that strapping young samurai with the paper fan? Yeah. Much like Edo, he’s a trap too. Saizo is a girl.

AGAIN. Outa. That little floater child runs off to that trash heap. People need to put a fence around that or something. We get to see a little flash back about Outa being chosen as a sacrifice to the Mountain God (that Dinosaur looking beasty). However, his father chickened out. This angered said mountain god and now he follows Outa, looking to take back his sacrifice.

We find out as Yukiatsu’s powers awaken again that Outa’s father was absorbed into the mountain god. As his powers further awaken Yukiatsu materialized twin axes, and they are oh-so-cool. The two axes form into one golden axe and deliver the fatal blow to the mountain god.

It was a fun episode, I liked it. It feels, sort of…you know. Plain. But since no new Shigurui episodes come out for awhile, and I have a lot of down time between Fall 07 releases, I guess I’ll keep watching.


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