The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk – Promo

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Link to Promo

I am…so…unbelievably excited for this. I am actually a freaking big fan of the Epic of Gilgamesh and you even mention a character or place from there and I am on that shit. Except the Gilgamesh anime, I’m not really interested in that.

But, I’m excited for this because Uruk is the city over which Gilgamesh ruled and the walls were engraved with his Epic. I believe this anime in question is based on a game, yes?

The animation looks great, but since the characters look far to Sci-Fi I can dash any hopes about this being about Gilgamesh or Enkidu or Humbaba or anything of the like.  -_-

Oh well, still looks beautiful and that soundtrack. Such a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack it might be.

The story? The plot? I do not know. But I will update when I find out. I haven’t been this excited for something since…since…um…I found out the second season of Code Geass is coming out soon. (I had nothing better.)


Myself; Yourself Episode 2

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Episode 2 is out~ Now I have to warn you. This my be a bit cynical, but stereotypes bring out the worst in me. This episode is filled with convenient situations and it’s so bad it’s predictable to me.

Starts off with Sana and Aoi walking to school. And yet again, Sana’s mind wanders to Aoi’s massive boobies. -_- Oh lawd, the fanservice, it starts here. When they get there they are greeted by the Wakatsuki twins, Shuu and Shuri. Nanaka passes them all by without so much as a hello. That girl sure can hold a grudge…

Next it is the Battle Royale for lunch food. It seems this particular Japanese school is very undestocked for food, so the children have to practically fight for it. After lunch they return to class and pick representatives. Being a reps seems to be an unsavory job since no one wants it. Nanaka is picked due to her experience as one, Shuu is also selected, but get out of it by nominating Sana. The bonds of friendship…so strong. Shuri nominates him as well, but for a much less selfish reason.

So off they go, Sana and Nanaka, the dynamic duo~ But not really, Nanaka treats Sana coldly and tells him to follow her since he doesn’t know where the Reps meet. They end up at the library to blow some time. Oh look, the book nerd Aoi is there too. ^^ And it turns out she’s been a library for all three years of highschool.

Nanaka ditches Sana at the library, but he is saved by a pretty little chicka named Asami Hoshino, also a Rep. Nanaka gets a bit jealous when she sees them walking into the room together.

THE NEXT DAY~ 😀 Aoi made Sana a bento so he can avoid the Lunch Battle Royale. They, again, share lunch on the lawn which eventually leads to a very awkward moment where Sana pokes Aoi in the boob with chopsticks. The day goes one BlahBlah music class Blah Flashback of Nanaka’s violin song BlahBlahBlah. After school, sana goes to the music room looking for his pencil case and Nanaka goes back to fetch something for the music teacher.

No, this isn’t setting up for anything. Nothing at all. Well Sana starts playing the song Nanaka made for him on the piano and of course Nanaka hears it. Asami passes by and comes in to have a chat with Sana. Sana then admits this is the only song he can remember to play on the piano. Aww…

The next day. Nanaka says ‘Good Morning’
Making progress cracking that frigid bitch, are we?

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