The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk – Promo

October 11, 2007 at 1:00 am | Posted in Druaga | 2 Comments
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Link to Promo

I am…so…unbelievably excited for this. I am actually a freaking big fan of the Epic of Gilgamesh and you even mention a character or place from there and I am on that shit. Except the Gilgamesh anime, I’m not really interested in that.

But, I’m excited for this because Uruk is the city over which Gilgamesh ruled and the walls were engraved with his Epic. I believe this anime in question is based on a game, yes?

The animation looks great, but since the characters look far to Sci-Fi I can dash any hopes about this being about Gilgamesh or Enkidu or Humbaba or anything of the like.  -_-

Oh well, still looks beautiful and that soundtrack. Such a beautiful orchestrated soundtrack it might be.

The story? The plot? I do not know. But I will update when I find out. I haven’t been this excited for something since…since…um…I found out the second season of Code Geass is coming out soon. (I had nothing better.)



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  1. have you seen the: tower of druaga dotgraph toy on ebay? I am a vintage Namco Fan (not really a Druaga fan since I never had that game), but since you seem to like it, thought I’d let you know…you have an interesting site by the way

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