Night Wizard: The Animation Episode 2

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Like the first episode, this episode starts off with that red haired woman fighting under the red moon with her Gunner’s broom. Then~ Much like the last episode, the episode starts off with a class getting a new student.

However, it’s just Renji. Well, at least he finally got to go to school. Though he’s been demoted a grade. Anzelotte had him demoted so he could be a bodyguard to Elis. As you can imagine he’s not very happy about it.

After school it turns out that Renji and Elis will be living together as well, but they are all! Kureha has come to stay as well. In the process she ends up kicking Renji outside so that he has to sleep on the balcony. I am baffled at why anime girls are so sensitive about men staying in their living quarters…

Oh, I skipped a part. During a flashback with Anzelotte, she convinces Elis, Renji, and Kureha to collect the jewels for Elis’ bracelet. Anzelotte also explains that there is another world called Rikai that wants to invade ours, so they send emulators through during the red moon. Elis agrees to do this so now she is officially a Night Wizard. Okay, now none of that’s really as important as what they talk about next. They talk about this object called a Lunar cape that all night wizards wear.

I now know how, in all RPGs, I can carry mass amounts of large objects and now be pulling a very heavy wagon behind my party. Lunar Cape. You can store objects inside and just seem to pull them out of mid-air.

Lunar Cape, RPG fans, Lunar Cape.

Anyway, after lunch, or during actually they get called to Anzelotte’s palace. She has found the location of the next jewel. So the crew goes on their merry way, where they get attacked by Golems. Now…the lady that summons these golems…She is just…ridiculous. Her boobies are SO BIG that if she moved, I am almost fairly sure they would fall out of her top. Super serial, guys. Either her top is too small or her boobs are too big.

Anyway, Kureha and Renji are having a hard time with this. As I expected Elis is one of those absolutely useless warriors so…yeah. You know the red head with the Gunner’s Broom? He name is Akari and she shows up, taking care of that Golem in one shot.

The episode ends with the foursome being faced by a small squadron of Golems.


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