Minami-Ke Episode 2

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This is a big episode mostly all about sex jokes and panty humor. I suspect this is all the anime will be made up of, but I really have no problem with that. This shit’s really grown on me, man.

The episode starts off at Haruka’s school where one of her friends wants to drop out. Haruka and he other shyier friend seems to have no problem with this, but she urges them to ask why. It’s because of the skirt they wear are showing their panties. To prove her point Haruka’s friend even gets up the table and sneaks a peak up Haruka’s skirt. She was about to yell it out loud, but Haruka give her a very threatening warning.

Later there’s a bit about her friend wearing bloomers under her skirt. She lifts up her skirt of Haruka can see, this wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if there weren’t onlookers. At home, Kana remarks that Haruka stayed late with a male classmate. She mentions that she hopes they weren’t doing funny things.

But no one in that household knows what ‘funny things’ means. These girls really need internet porn, I tell ya…So that’s an episode long joke.

The next day, at Chiaki’s school her friends ask if she wants to come over. Chiaki responds ‘Will we be doing funny things?’ A rather amusing male classmate seems to know what this means, but the other one just respond with they will be playing games.

Later it turns out that Chiaki is rather good at giving nicknames for people, but she cuts to a persons most obvious trait. This usually ends up hurting people’s feelings. After doing all the teachers, she does the students and of course they are all distraught.

At home, Kana yells at Chiaki for studying in the living room. Saying that it is making her look bad. They end up having a competition of brains, with Kana getting most answers badly wrong. The competition ends with a writing portion. The topic? Define what ‘Funny things’ are? Kana responds with ‘Well…they are definitely funny…’

Haruka comes home a little later and they bombard her with the same writing question. She tricks them by writing ‘What do you want for dinner?’ They decide on Curry Udon, by the way.


Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 2

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And the crazy mind twisting, trip-fest of colors continues in this anime. Seriously, if the sky turned the wide variety of colors that it does in this animes’ Japan, I would move there. Right now. Very beautiful they are.

The episode starts with Chihiro having a conversation with Himura, you know? That priest that Renji talked to? Yeah, they know each other too. In fact, Chihiro lives at the church. She says she wants to tell Renji something, something important, and asks his advice on it. This guy isn’t great at giving advice, he says it’s her decision. Or~ He is really wise, yes?

Anyway, the scene changes to Kei who is trying to wake up Hirono for school. He feel asleep over his manga again. After some good ol’ girl-on-boy anime abuse he finally wakes up. On their way to school it is revealed that Hiro Hirono is only his manga pen name.

His real name is Shidou Nagi. That’s riiiight~ He’s brother to Chihiro and Kei. They part ways and Hirono ends up on the roof working on his manga. He’s such a slacker, skippin’ school to sit under the sky that changes colors.

Up on the roof, Miyako comes to see him! No, really, she goes up there just to see him. It’s not some crazy coincidence or anything.  We find out that Hirono is not just a manga artist, but a Shoujo manga artist. Pfft, such a girl…Oh lawd!? What if he turns out to have been born a girl? That would be a cool twist.

The scene switches to Renji. He is rushing right over to see Chihiro because he has a thing for girls in eyepatches. =/ She is not yet at their meeting spot. He waits and she eventually shows up. They talk for awhile…you know…boring crap. Then as they are about to part Chihiro decides to tell him. Under the most wonderful sunset ever, Chihiro admits that she has a memory problem.

The eyepatch should’ve gave that away. She only has the memory span of 1o hours. How does she remember Renji? That journal, she writes down the days events in them….

Yeah. This anime isn’t turning out as grand as I hoped. It’s sort of boring, but the colors are varied enough to distract. 😀

Myself; Yourself Episode 3

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This episode was just filled with awkwardness and some mild lulz. But mostly awkwardness. Seriously, some of it was hard to watch for me just because I could predicts Nanako’s feelings.

The camera is panning off to a door, which has melodic grunting sounds coming from behind it. Luckily it is not the sounds of sex, but the Watasuki twins-Shuu and Shuri-exercising. They are trying to think of a plan to try to better relations between Nanako and Sana. They decide to go on a fishing expedition by the river!

The next day they invite Sana and Nanako and, of course, lovely li’l Aoi. In some kind of twist of fate, Nanakop drops her mirror in the classroom and it rolls out into the hall. It ‘somehow’ ends up right under Sana’s foot. He apologizes profusely. He feels so bad, that night he goes out to get her a new mirror where he runs into Asami.

Nanako, however, sees them shopping. Ouch. She takes that rather badly. The next day he explains why he was with Asami. This wins her back a little. She covets that mirror like an obsessed little girl though. Some morning in the near future…They gather to catch the bus and go fishing.

Sana made the mistake of inviting Asami as well. You can imagine how Nanako is taking this right? Yeah. Sana brought the fishing lure Shuu gave him when they were kids and they use it to catch some fish. Sana, Aoi, and Shuu are fishing and well…Long story shot, Aoi get the hook stuck on her skirt and it exposes some panties.  Lulz.

They only manage to catch one fish, but thankfully Aoi packed lots of food. While Asami is gutting the fish Sana walks by and sees the bloody knife. He really freaks out about it. While he is recovering he finds a beautiful pink pebble in the water. You’d think sana would be dumb and give it to Asami, but he doesn’t.

After dinner Nanako goes to pull out some cookies that she made for them. They hold memories from the alst time this gang went fishing. However~ Asami brought dessert. -_- She puts them away and seeths.

Next stop on their trip of joy is the new spa. Now, Shuu and Sana come out before the girls. This really shows what kind of man Shuu is. He’s a real man because he wears a tiny, tiny speedo. The girls come out and of course the boys comment about the swim suits. The only hot girls turn out to be Asami and Aoi. =/

There is a bit of dialogue about Sana not taking off his wrist watch later in the episode.  This makes he think he slit his wrist since he was so freaked out by the blood. Whatever, we will find out later, righto?

The gang goes home and splits ways. Sana, Aoi, and Nanako are walking home when Sana and Aoi mention Nanako’s cookies from way back when. She admits that she made them this time and they go back to Aoi’s place to eat them. Sana and Aoi literally woof them down. Sana, in payment for the cookies, gives Nanako the pink pebble. She covets like a little girl, yet again.


Abingdon Boys School – 1st Album

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Abingdon Boys School [album]:
1) As One
3) Via Dolorosa
5) Down to You
6) Atena
7) Stay Away
8) Nephilim
9) LOST REASON (Album Remix Version)
11) Dress
12) ReBirth+ReVerse


If it needs re-uploadin’ comment and I’ll get right on that.

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