Abingdon Boys School – 1st Album

October 18, 2007 at 11:15 pm | Posted in Abingdon Boys School, Jrock | 26 Comments
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Abingdon Boys School [album]:
1) As One
3) Via Dolorosa
5) Down to You
6) Atena
7) Stay Away
8) Nephilim
9) LOST REASON (Album Remix Version)
11) Dress
12) ReBirth+ReVerse


If it needs re-uploadin’ comment and I’ll get right on that.


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  1. thanks for uploading. i’ve been looking all over for this. you are missing a few songs though. at least i found them elsewhere…

  2. Am I? Holy Craaaap.

  3. hello..abingdon boys….rocks

  4. never heard of them!
    getting to thoheuh

  5. Kore ga subete… douse konna mon darou?^^
    Arigato nani ongaku!!=D

    kissus ;*

  6. think you’ve got 50 cent’s next track? if you are a hip hop or r&b producer with serious talent check out http://www.musicplacements.com They will walk your track into major labels and get placements for you. they have contacts at G-unit, Atlantic, Violator, Rocafella, Byrdgang, Disturbing the Peace… get paid up to $5000 per beat plus 75% of your publishing… they have several placements this year already.

  7. D.grey man opening Innocent sorrow….

    Absolute this guys rock the whole entire anime…

  8. Seems to be down and I’m searching everywhere for it.

  9. Could you please reupload it, couldnt really find it anywhere else!

    Thanks in advance!

  10. re-upload it please…….

  11. All I needed was Desire and Down To You but yesss ❤ I love this band SO MUCH. -has been in love with them for a year and a half-

  12. needs re uploading 🙂

  13. It’s a invalid link, please re-upload!! Thanks…Urahara Out!!

  14. hiya! i love agingdon boys school’s music! really good! since i dont know much about other jrock artists…i wonder if any of you could tell me of other jrock bands with the same style in music…?

  15. Could you reupload it once more, please? 😀

  16. reupload

  17. Could you please reupload the file? pretty please with sugar on top?

  18. Please reupload. Thank you.

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  20. it needs to be re uploaded

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  22. Needs a re-upload! THANKS!

  23. They just frikkin ROCK!!!!
    btw: where are all the other albums!?

  24. They just Frikkin’ ROCK!!!!!!!!
    BTW where are the other bands bru!?

  25. Reupload TY

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