Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 2

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And the crazy mind twisting, trip-fest of colors continues in this anime. Seriously, if the sky turned the wide variety of colors that it does in this animes’ Japan, I would move there. Right now. Very beautiful they are.

The episode starts with Chihiro having a conversation with Himura, you know? That priest that Renji talked to? Yeah, they know each other too. In fact, Chihiro lives at the church. She says she wants to tell Renji something, something important, and asks his advice on it. This guy isn’t great at giving advice, he says it’s her decision. Or~ He is really wise, yes?

Anyway, the scene changes to Kei who is trying to wake up Hirono for school. He feel asleep over his manga again. After some good ol’ girl-on-boy anime abuse he finally wakes up. On their way to school it is revealed that Hiro Hirono is only his manga pen name.

His real name is Shidou Nagi. That’s riiiight~ He’s brother to Chihiro and Kei. They part ways and Hirono ends up on the roof working on his manga. He’s such a slacker, skippin’ school to sit under the sky that changes colors.

Up on the roof, Miyako comes to see him! No, really, she goes up there just to see him. It’s not some crazy coincidence or anything.  We find out that Hirono is not just a manga artist, but a Shoujo manga artist. Pfft, such a girl…Oh lawd!? What if he turns out to have been born a girl? That would be a cool twist.

The scene switches to Renji. He is rushing right over to see Chihiro because he has a thing for girls in eyepatches. =/ She is not yet at their meeting spot. He waits and she eventually shows up. They talk for awhile…you know…boring crap. Then as they are about to part Chihiro decides to tell him. Under the most wonderful sunset ever, Chihiro admits that she has a memory problem.

The eyepatch should’ve gave that away. She only has the memory span of 1o hours. How does she remember Renji? That journal, she writes down the days events in them….

Yeah. This anime isn’t turning out as grand as I hoped. It’s sort of boring, but the colors are varied enough to distract. 😀


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