Minami-Ke Episode 2

October 18, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Posted in Minami-ke | 2 Comments
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This is a big episode mostly all about sex jokes and panty humor. I suspect this is all the anime will be made up of, but I really have no problem with that. This shit’s really grown on me, man.

The episode starts off at Haruka’s school where one of her friends wants to drop out. Haruka and he other shyier friend seems to have no problem with this, but she urges them to ask why. It’s because of the skirt they wear are showing their panties. To prove her point Haruka’s friend even gets up the table and sneaks a peak up Haruka’s skirt. She was about to yell it out loud, but Haruka give her a very threatening warning.

Later there’s a bit about her friend wearing bloomers under her skirt. She lifts up her skirt of Haruka can see, this wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if there weren’t onlookers. At home, Kana remarks that Haruka stayed late with a male classmate. She mentions that she hopes they weren’t doing funny things.

But no one in that household knows what ‘funny things’ means. These girls really need internet porn, I tell ya…So that’s an episode long joke.

The next day, at Chiaki’s school her friends ask if she wants to come over. Chiaki responds ‘Will we be doing funny things?’ A rather amusing male classmate seems to know what this means, but the other one just respond with they will be playing games.

Later it turns out that Chiaki is rather good at giving nicknames for people, but she cuts to a persons most obvious trait. This usually ends up hurting people’s feelings. After doing all the teachers, she does the students and of course they are all distraught.

At home, Kana yells at Chiaki for studying in the living room. Saying that it is making her look bad. They end up having a competition of brains, with Kana getting most answers badly wrong. The competition ends with a writing portion. The topic? Define what ‘Funny things’ are? Kana responds with ‘Well…they are definitely funny…’

Haruka comes home a little later and they bombard her with the same writing question. She tricks them by writing ‘What do you want for dinner?’ They decide on Curry Udon, by the way.



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  1. This is looking like it will be THE slice of life comedy of the season!

    Chiaki = Moe!

    Her dead-pan voice just makes the Jokes funnier! ^_^

  2. 6tyyff

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