Dragonaut: The Resonance Episode 3 D:

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… :< At about 11 last night, if you listened close enough, you could probably hear my groan of anguish world wide. This episode was a big, bad disappointment to me. I’ll explain why when I get there.

The episode starts off where we left off. Spirytus has transformed and soon after Toa transformed into her badly CGI’d form to go speak with him. They talk, but the ISDA dispatches some helicopters to try to destroy Spirytus. This doesn’t work as Toa (called Album in Dragon form) disabled them.

…The ISDA gives the other dragons (Machina, Amedaus, and Howling Star) the go ahead to actualize. So they do. Okay, fist before the actualization the Dragonaut’s go into these special chambers and change into battle suit. Oh lawd, they stand there trying to be cool-looking, but they just come off as extremely dorky.

So, much to my displease, these dragons aren’t just normal space dragons. They are part MECHA dragons. They have a little compartment for their Dragonaut riders to ride in. I was very unhappy, since I dislike mecha things.

The next 15 minutes were hard to capture. The dragons flew so fast and were trying to capture Album and Spirytus. In the moment, Kazuki’s dragon Gio is awakened. He says that Album/Toa is calling to him.

Jin and Kazuki who are watching the fight from the ground witness a very naked Gio walk past them and actualize. Jin does a running jump thing onto Gio in his actualized form. Kazuki emo’s about it since Gio is his dragon.

Jin touches Album and is transported, mentally, to her mind. She says that since Jin has seen her transform that she cannot continue to be with him. She then approaches Gio, who claims he was born to protect her.

In the end, the other Dragonauts end up destroying Spirytus while Album and Gio get away. Jin is knocked into the ocean and goes all emo about being alone again.

This episode was filled with EMO by the way. It was everywhere.


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