Dir En Grey – Dozing Green [single]

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As agood Dir En Grey fan I would be remiss if I didn’t post this up.

1) Dozing Green
2) Hydra -666-
3) Agitated Screams of Maggots (live at Yokohama)


Jeez. I love Agitated Screams of Maggots but how many singles they gonna include it on…


Night Wizard: The Animation Episode 3

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So, there was one point in which I thought this was going to be just some generic crap. I think it shows hints of that, but there’s definitely a certain hint of originality in this anime. Even if I’m the only one that can see it.

Anyway, it starts off with the Golem army. Needless to say, since they are the good guys they take care of them pretty easily. Now for the ascent into the castle of dooooom~! Since Renji is one of those characters he hit every trap in the castle. For minutes this goes on until they reach a clearing.

Elis decides they should break of lunch. Since she’s the sweet, yet useless, plot-driving character she was nice enough to make a lunch for them. Akari does not join them, in fact she doesn’t make nice at all. Not that she’s outwardly mean, she’s just very cold.

Ah, well, after lunch they continue walking until they come across an Mesopotamia-esque wall art thing. Elis seems to be able to understand who the great beast it depicts it. I serpent named Syaimaral.

While they are admiring a wall Lalalmu, that green lipstick wearing, boobies too big for her shirt villian lady reached the resting place of the jewel. However, there seems to be a barrier blocking her. She somehow goes invisible and waits for the crew to arrive. After throwing Renji into yet another trap, the three girls finally reach the jewel room. They, too, are unable to touch it. Suddenly Lalamu makes the suits of armor come alive and attack them.

Luckily for the girls, since all of them except Akari are essentially useless, Renji drops in somehow from the roof. They kick some armored ass. In the midst of the battle Elis has an idea. On Syaimaral’s wall painting there were two jewels-one orange, the other green. After the battle is won Elis takes some copper and salt and turns the flames near the jewel green and orange. Now they are able to get at it.

Turns out the blue jewel is the jewel of liberality. Sounds pretty useless, right? It really is. Lalamu finally attacks herself. She transports them into some illusion where they are all standing on gaint jewels. Lalamu then impersonates Akari. Now the jewel they just found tells Elis a plan to tell them apart. She bluffs and tells Kureha to shoot them both.

Lalamu points her fake Gunner’s Broom at them and Akari catches the seal they throw. So with her cover blown, they are able to blow Lalamu away. Winnars~

After the battle Akari agrees to eat some of Elis’ food and stops acting as distance towards them. Aww~ If that weren’t so terribley over done I would reall mean that previous ‘Aww’

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