Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 3

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Under the brightly colored sky, Renji and Chihiro read from her dairy about the day she first met Renji. She only lets him read so far though, since it is her diary after all. They continue to talk about her condition. Near the end of the conversation Chihiro admits that she’d like to just give up. She doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone, but living always makes her a bother to someone.

Renji goes home to have dinner with his oddly young, perky, and green-haired mother. They discuss Renji’s future, but he still hasn’t decided. An old friend Kuze-san is back and Renji is excited to deliver dinner to him. Renji wanted to talk with him, but he was having relations with a lady at the time.

The next day, Kei runs into Hirono who is actually making an effort to go to school that day. However, when Hirono goes to his secret roof hideout he runs into Miyako. Miyako drags him off to lunch. As lunch he runs into another classmate named Hayama Mizuki.

The thing about Mizuki is she…apparently has a crush on Kei. Is it just me or are lesbians turning up more and more often in anime these days? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Anyway, the scene switches to a friend of Hirono’s, Kyuusuke. He is breaking up with his girlfriend because they feel too distant. All Kyuusuke wants is to film.

Renji goes to meet Chihiro, but it starts to rain so he goes home making the assumption that she won’t come. Inside he ponders on how he can help his princess. The next day he meets Himura at the train station. He is a messenger for Chihiro. Chihiro waited for Renji all night and caught a cold. Renji at this point feels absolutely awful.

Elsewhere, Hirono meets Kei in the gym. She heard that he was hanging out with Miyako and says that she is a bad influence. He sticks up for Miyako and lets it slip that he was with her on Christmas. Kei is…pissed about him skipping her Christmas party to be with Miyako.


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