Myself; Yourself Episode 4

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If I were to give anime episodes titles, I would name this episode ‘Shuu’s Stalker ~ Pedophillic urges’. It’s probably for the best that I don’t name anime episodes. =<

This episode was hilarious. If I didn’t already find myself looking forward to this anime each week then this episode would’ve hooked me.

Shuu, after finishing Kendo practice, grabs some food and walks home. On his way he sees some boys bullying a little girl, like a good man he saves her. While chasing the boys away he drops his school ID and the girl picks it up.

The next day she is waiting for him. She returns the ID and then the episode ends. XD
No, not really. She tells the gang of his knightly deeds then leave. However, the next there she is waiting for him again. This chicka is in looove~

That ngiht Sana, being a man, can’t cook and goes out for dinner. He runs into this little girl, whose name I forgot to mention, it’s Mochida Hinako. Pretty important detail to leave out. Anyway, Hinako is collecting these yeti doll things, which is why she gets a kid’s meal. Or so she claims. She really wants to be grown up.

The next day, she follows Sana home and they get into some shenanigans. Sana was caught on top of Hinako with his shirt open by Aoi. Anyway, Hinako confesses that she is in love with Shuu and Aoi agrees to teach her the ways of lovin’

Sana gets assigned to do research. Shuu unoriginally likes big boobs. The funny thing is, he’s using his sister as a reference for what he likes. He likes everything she is not. Hinako begs Aoi to teach her the secret of big titties. They go to ask her mother. Her mother suggests that Sana squeeze them. Sana says they aren’t even big enough to do that. Sana gets punched. XD

Next, Shuu likes girls who can cook. Hinako tries, but even with Aoi’s godly instruction fails. It appears that she has killed Sana with her love curry. =0

Next, Shuu likes quiet soft spoken girls. But Shuu is a little freaked out when Hinako acts all quiet. Finally they set up a date at the aquarium where Hinako will confess her love. Shuu, of course, turns her down. But in a nice honest way.

On the way home, Sana and Hinako have one of those meaningful anime talks. He hugs her and says it okay to cry over a broken heart. Awwww~


Ikki Tousen live action in the works? Hardcore fights, with Softcore porn.

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The North American manga publisher Tokyopop introduced its plans for a live-action adaptation of Yuji Shiozaki‘s Ikki Tousen fighting manga at its booth at the TIFFCOM film trade show in the Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on October 22. Tokyopop publishes the English version of this manga under the name Battle Vixens. The story is loosely based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms Tokyopop‘s synopsis of the proposed remake described it as an adolescent comedy set on American college campuses, with the possibility of casting an Asian female in the lead role. and depicts provocatively dressed girls (and boys) from different high schools that fight each other. A second draft of the live-action project’s story treatment has been completed.

The company’s TIFFCOM presentation also highlighted previously revealed plans for live-action adaptations of Kei Toume‘s Lament of the Lamb and Misaho Kujiradou‘s Princess Ai manga. The creative management firm William Morris Agency is representing Tokyopop in its negotiations to bring these proposals to reality.

Source: ANNĀ 

Eh…heh heh heh. I’ve never watch Ikki Tousen myself, but I had a buddy who glorified it as a big ol’ fat fanservice anime like Tenjo Tenge. Good lawd, who doesn’t like panty shots and ass kicking all in the same anime right?

Even as a girl I can appreciate this to some extent (I’m a bit of an odd girl, you see.)

I like live action things too. In my Ikki Tousen I expect things like


And This,

And of course, it must include this,

I will enjoy my softcore porn drama with asian chicks…I mean >_>
I will enjoy Ikki Tousen live action when it comes out.
(Actually I probably won’t watch it, but still.)

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