Shigurui Episode 5 ~ Nipple-Bean Splitting.

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Alrighty, long time no see Shigurui~ Finally more episodes started appearing on Crunchyroll, and they are as mind-raping as usual.

The episode starts off with Irako and his barbaric ways. He’s fighting someone, and if the lower quality didn’t effect what I was watching, I believe he beheaded him. Definitely killed him. Other than that it is a fairly mundane day at the Kogan-ryuu dojo. At night, however, is when things really heat up. It turns out that Iku and Irako are having an affair.

A affair behind master Kogan’s back. Irako mentions that she would be his mother when he marries Mie, so he decides to not have anymore flings with Iku. Iku doesn’t much care for this idea. As much as I dislike Irako, I’d rather have him than a creepy old man.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Irako is not the son of a swordsman, but a dyed cloth merchant. The next scene shows him going to a woman’s house and brings her food. She’s gawd-awfully ugly. >_> I doubt she is a whore though. From the dialogue he says to her later, I wager she is Irako’s mother.

Now the thing that happens next confused me. Why? Because I can’t tell if the woman is Iku or Mie. It could be either one, actually. The whole scene is about some girl who’s pregnant and she’s had the child inside her for ten months. The women about town think it has died in the womb because it is the child of a demon. When she finally gives birth, she is alone and…ugh…Birth scenes have never been so graphic. The crazy thing is that the baby crawls up it’s mother and opens it’s eyes. Yeah.

Obviously that wasn’t real, but still. I don’t know if it was Mie or Iku. The scene switches to Iku with spiders crawling all over her naked body, symbolizing Kogan’s hands on her. Kogan stops and goes to his sword. He’s noticed that Fujiki has take good care of it. Then Iku comes over and he does his bean splitting technique on her.

Guess where? Yeah. Her nipple. I lulz’d. He then gathers all the student at the dojo. Fujiki goes to fetch Irako, Irako than arrogantly tells Fujiki to call him ‘Young Sensei.’ -_-

As they reach the top of the dojo, Kogan is dressed in full samurai gear. He states that he will now teach Irako the secret Nagereboshi technique. Irako is pleased. =/

The episode ends with the pine cones Irako put in a child’s snow man falling out and blood pouring from the holes. Foreshadowing? I think so. I smell a little betrayal coming from Kogan.


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