Shigurui Episode 6 ~ Cry of Childbirth.

December 16, 2007 at 8:42 pm | Posted in Shigurui | 3 Comments
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This episode was the very fitting midpoint of the twelve part series. And what an episode it was! I haven’t been quite this interested in Shigurui since the third episode.

It starts off with Iku tied up in a shack. Ushimata is there watching over her. It turns out that Kogan has become very aware of Iku and Irako’s love affair and betrayal. Her nipple was cut off as punishment, oh….and Ushimata eats it. Yeah, from the drool coming out of his face cuts, I’d say it was pretty tasty. He then states that it is time for Irako’s punishment to begin.

Outside it switches to where we left off. Ushimata is there now too. He says that Irako must test his skills against him before he can learn Nagereboshi. Things do not go as Irako predicts, Ushimata jams his wooden sword into his chest and when Irako is on his kness he seriously wounds him my stabbing his back. Thus the punishment begins.

It is Fujiki’s turn now, Irako is very disturbed by this as he is badly wounded. Kogan asks if he wants to stop. Irako, thinking that this is still a Nagareboshi training session, summons up his strength and faces Fujiki. An epic slow motion sword battle occurs. Irako and Fujiki seem equally matched; however, blood is about to drip into Fujiki’s eyes. Irako tries to use this as his advantage, but it does not work out.

Irako seems to go into a dream land where Kogan is crazy again (and eats a sake cup), he is the successor of the Dojo, Mie loves him, and his mother moves in with him. When he wakes up from such delusions Fujiki is punching the ever living shit out of him. And for once! It is not in slow motion! And it is b-e-a-u-ti-ful!

Irako passes out and is woken up by Iku stabbing him with a hot poker (this wasn’t her choice, of course) he rolls outside where the landscape is surrounded by blue fire and the moon is red. This time he must fight Kogan himself. Back at the dojo Mie is smiling. She is obviously happy about whatever she thinks is happening.

After Kogan states that he knows of Irako’s betrayal he…does Nagareboshi (I believe) and cut’s Irako’s eyes. There is some great insight after that where Irako screams in Iku’s arms. A monster was born that night. Apparently two monsters were born, which I assume would be Fujiki, whose due to lose an arm now anytime. What an awesome episode…



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  2. The last 5 minutes of this episode was the bets 5 minutes I have EVER seen….in anything.

    Best anime ever….hands down.

  3. can you watch shigurui online?ive been looking for online streams with no luck.

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