Berserk 315 – Tentacle Rape Time!

August 11, 2010 at 4:43 am | Posted in Berserk, manga | 1 Comment

The first bit of 315 is Shenanigans. I call it. The Ghost Pirates ghostly pirate ship (of ghosts) appears before Gutts Co. on land. The pirate captain introduces himself as Skeletal Beard, who sort of hints that the Sea God will be coming to kick some ass and chew bubblegum. I reckon it’s also stated that he’s also all out of bubblegum. Truth be told, I have so little idea of why the sea god is coming because of the god damn pirate talk. It’s hard for me to read.

Anyway, Gutts gets mad. Madder. Looks at Caska (who has her ‘derp’ face on) Maaaaadest. Berserker form and starts chopping some tentacle slug/crab monster things, putting further strain on his already deteriorating body. Schierke is, of course, too far away to be able to stop him now. Leaving things open for someone else to pull him back to himself.

My thoughts? Gutts is acting like a little bitch depending on the armor like that. He was doing fine with demons before it. I understand him needing the power to fight the godhand, but why waste it on these small fries…

Read Berserk 315 Online here!


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  1. Yeah, these pirates won’t last much longer, the Sea God is probably gonna pop up and gobble them up.

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