The Walking Dead TV Premiere

November 1, 2010 at 4:00 pm | Posted in comic, the walking dead | Leave a comment
Last night all my dreams came true in relation to The Walking Dead’s Live Action TV show. I have been waiting for this since about May when I heard it was in the making. For once, I was not disappointed. It was truly amazing. Because it did what some people fail to do with live action, it stayed close to the storyline.
The comic was brought to life through the characters that looked and ACTED like their comic book counter parts. Though there was so strangely not canon bits in there, I was willing to look past purely because I understand that you can’t do everything exactly by the book. There is one tiny thing that has been bothering me though. In the first episode and in all the promo pictures, I have not seen Donna, Allen, and their twin boys. It makes me wonder how far this TV show will go…
I do hope it at least gets to the Prison Arc, preferably further. But without Donna and Allen’s twins in there, you’ll miss one of Carl’s truly badass moments. That kind of…makes me a little sad, but time (and their ratings) will tell what they do.
Also, I have an eye for good marketing. The Toyota Corolla commercial they showed during was certainly one of them. I was momentarily confused because it had zombies in it. Great marketing is great.

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