5 Anime phrases that drive me nuts

November 12, 2010 at 11:41 pm | Posted in anime, naruto, shounen | Leave a comment

5. I want to live in peace with everybody / be everybody’s friend

You sir, are living in a fantasy world that not even Naruto could fix with his ability to unite anyone anywhere and at anytime. Perfect peace is a pipe dream of the UN and can never be achieved because of humans and their greed, jealousy, and hatred. Sure, anime is fantasy, but you’re reaching.

4. I don’t care / Whatever

You do care, you desensitized little prick. I’m looking at you Squall from Final Fantasy 8, even though you are not an anime character. This phrase serves two reasons only, both of them annoying. One, to portray a lead or semi-secondary character as the cold and lonely brooding badass that will collect mass amounts of fangirls. Second,¬† to portray a brooding badass that will soon make the wrong decision and become the protagonist of the story.

3. I’m going to be the greatest chef / teacher / obscenely high goal

I know this is supposed to encourage us, the viewer, to aim high with our goals in life. But have you ever failed a goal? These characters never do. Shit hurts, man.

2. I’ll always be there for you / be your friend / ect

Not always true. Humans are greedy, jealous, hateful, and stubborn. You have a bad fight with your friend and say call him a fat dead cow looking motherfucker, he’s not going to be your friend much longer. If you find yourself in substantial debt due to a gambling problem and a small addiction to those anime sex games, let’s see how many are there for you now.

1. My heart hurt whenever you are not around / are around / see you.

You know that a sign of heart disease. You need to get that shit checked because it’s not the person that’s killing you, it’s all the McDonalds…


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