About Otakuan: Otakuan is a blog about Japan, anime, video games, and anything from the internet that’s even lol-worthy. Basically, it’s about anything I feel like writing about at the time. =]

Yup-yup, I’ll do anything I find interesting. You know why? Because keeping a blog slows down the rate at which I watch things. This way I don’t totally sap my download speeds. That and it makes me really think about what I’m watching, yah know?

It’s really more of a learning thing. Also, I have the ADD when it comes to anime. I tend to watch a lot of series at the same time. If I like it then I may watch episode 2 right away, if not…I may wait awhile.

As for the name Otakuan it’s sort of like a language. Since languages usually end up with -An or -ish. Thus, Otaku-an. Dig it?

But under all that, this blog is all about the lulz. That’s what’s important in the world. That’s just my excuse for my many sarcastic remarks and spelling error. I type to fast and rarely have the time to proofread.

About Amerowolf: Sole contributor to this web blog. Anything that shows up here, I likes. Unless it’s a review then…I might not likes so much. Anyway, I’m currently a highschool senior who spends more time on the internet than any where else. After high school I’ll either be pursuing a degree in Web Design or living out of a van and working at McDonalds. Ain’t really decided yet. >_>

So, Amero = female, 17yrs old, unemployed Seasonal Walmart Employee, …awesome?

If you need/want to reach me:
AIM: Amerowolf (It’s rare I use it though.)
MSN: Renji_Is_My_Lover@hotmail.com (Weird name, I know.  Made it back when I actually liked Bleach.)

Yeah…Don’t be surprised if I’m not really talkitive right away.



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  1. 🙂

  2. Hey 🙂 So I randomly stubbled on your site and I noticed your banner picture, and I remembered seeing a commercial for that anime back in like Jr High and I always wanted to watch it but to this day can’t remember the title.
    Would you mind jogging my memory? Lol.
    Thank you 😀

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