Love Hina author to launch free manga site

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Ken Akamatsu, mangaka of the pervy Harem manga Love Hina and the like minded harem manga Mahou Sensei Negima is going to be launching a website in Japan that will host a slew of out of print mangas with the authors permission. Best thing is, it be free. The site, called J-comi will be funded via advertising and host all their manga in high quality PNG format.
Now with all the negativity with piracy and all that, it’s nice to see some one being proactive in all this. Though it is only in Japan, and thus only manga in Japanese will be on it. It’d be nice if something like that came around stateside someday. It’d be a good move to keep people happy and maybe slow down the priracy.

5 Anime phrases that drive me nuts

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5. I want to live in peace with everybody / be everybody’s friend

You sir, are living in a fantasy world that not even Naruto could fix with his ability to unite anyone anywhere and at anytime. Perfect peace is a pipe dream of the UN and can never be achieved because of humans and their greed, jealousy, and hatred. Sure, anime is fantasy, but you’re reaching.

4. I don’t care / Whatever

You do care, you desensitized little prick. I’m looking at you Squall from Final Fantasy 8, even though you are not an anime character. This phrase serves two reasons only, both of them annoying. One, to portray a lead or semi-secondary character as the cold and lonely brooding badass that will collect mass amounts of fangirls. Second,  to portray a brooding badass that will soon make the wrong decision and become the protagonist of the story.

3. I’m going to be the greatest chef / teacher / obscenely high goal

I know this is supposed to encourage us, the viewer, to aim high with our goals in life. But have you ever failed a goal? These characters never do. Shit hurts, man.

2. I’ll always be there for you / be your friend / ect

Not always true. Humans are greedy, jealous, hateful, and stubborn. You have a bad fight with your friend and say call him a fat dead cow looking motherfucker, he’s not going to be your friend much longer. If you find yourself in substantial debt due to a gambling problem and a small addiction to those anime sex games, let’s see how many are there for you now.

1. My heart hurt whenever you are not around / are around / see you.

You know that a sign of heart disease. You need to get that shit checked because it’s not the person that’s killing you, it’s all the McDonalds…

Satoshi Kon’s last film back in production

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Yume-Miru Kikai, which will be forever known as Satoshi Kon’s last film (sadly), was announced to be back in production today. You’ll be hard pressed on finding any thing about the story’s plot line, but the title translated into “the dreaming machine” so, it should be very Kon-like. However, what man does believe his mind is man enough to take on this last vision of the great director? Yoshimi Itazu. Are you man enough, Yoshimi Itazu? You’ve worked with Kon on Paranoia Agent, you’re famous by your work on Denno Coil, but do you have what it takes? I hope so.

Level E to get Anime adaption

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Level E, the best little manga you’ve never read, is set to get an anime adaption of it’s short 16 chapter long self. The story focuses around Baka, and alien Prince from the Planet Dogra who crash landed onto Earth and lost his memory. This, of course, persuaded him to break into the recently acquired apartment of Tsutsui, a high school freshmen. Shenanigans go down.

This is by the same man who authored Yu Yu Hakusho, but it’s a lot more focused on humor than well…anything else. It’s a fun little read and I’m sure it’ll make a fun little anime in 2011.

Berserk 316 – Return of the Moonlight Boy

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 I’ll never get over how cool this looks.

Berserk 316 starts off with the villagers-turned-sea monsters crawling up towards Isma, Ishidoro, and Shierke while Gutts is busy cutting, clawing, gnawing, and generally raping his way through a horde of sea monsters. Ishidoro and Shierke make quick work of these monsterized villagers. Afterward Shierke astral projects in an attempt to pull Gutts’ consciousness back from his Berserker form, however she is repelled. Meaning that only Gutts can recover himself this time.  Isma claims that even though the village was mean to her she didn’t want this for them, so they head back towards the village where the others are watching Gutts do his slaughtering thing.

Casca suddenly runs off, to protect a child from a sea monster, which Gutts then saves her from. The group thinks he regained consciousness because he protected her, but this is not the case. All he sees of his friends is their shadows, he still doesn’t recognize any of them. Inside, Gutts still fights the beast to not give in completely but his strength is starting to weaken.

Then the luminescent boy appears and helps Gutts see Casca, helping to pull him back to consciousness. The chapter ends with the boy reaching out to touch Gutts who is still fully controlled by the Berserker armor.

You can download chapter 316 here!

New chapter November 12th. Hopefully, it doesn’t take long to translate like this one did. >_>

Togainu No Chi

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It has been brought to my attention that the first episode of the new Togainu No Chi anime have presented itself. I’ve known about it for awhile, I’ve been a big fan of the violent manga based on the games I’ll never get to play because Asians love to horde everything that’s good. Damn you!
Anyway, I was talking to an old pal who failed to do some prior research, he seemed quite keen on watching it after seeing the first episode. I just want to let you all know that Togainu No Chi is based on a Boy Love game. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. I now just lay in wait for that poor young man to see what he’s watching.
Don’t be fooled by the violence, it’ll get gayer. Ah, for so many months was the man in above picture on my desktop…The whole “little red riding hood meets Mr. Wolf” thing, you see.

Berserk Promo 5

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Young Animal released another promo for the new Berserk anime.

It’s only awesome (or even relatively new) content is the fact that it shows the Skull Knight just chillin’ on his horse. This tells me it’s going to be a bit more canon than the original anime, but does not tell me if it’s going to go past the Golden Age arc.

See the other 4 promo videos on young animals’ website or on my blog here.

New Berserk Anime Project – with videos

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On a little sleeve slipped onto Berserks’ 35th manga volume that was released in Japan recently, it was announced that they will be launching a new Berserk Anime Project. Needless to say, when I read that, I peed all over myself. That’s old news, I know. I was slow on the jump because I wanted to wait for a little more about it to be released, well…We have PROMO VIDEOS NOW!! With narrations by Gackt.

Provided from Young Animal (the magazine where Berserk runs)

There is a 4th one, but it’s essentially all three meshed together. The fifth promotional video comes out tomorrow October 5th.

Now those videos were lovely! Beautiful animation that comes with most modern anime, but those scenes…They were all from the Golden Age Arc, except for maybe that scene with Griffith, it sort of looked like reborn Griffith to me. Will we not be getting anything further from the Golden Arc in this anime? I’ll tell you when more information presents itself.

4 Arrested in 3 year old Belgian Death Note Murder Case

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I used to run another blog on wordpress back in the day (fuck wordpress), and I wrote an entry about a murder case where Belgian police found a human torso and 2 thighs laying ina park, next to it was a note that said “watashi wa KIRA dess”.

Facepalms were had, not just for the blatant mispelling  but for the uber lame Death Note copy cat. Turns out recently the case was solved. This is good, because still today my blog gets some weird ass comments from Kira wanna-be’s. Go read that link, you’ll lol.

As I was saying, apparently the four people involved got into a fight with the man that was murdered, my guess is he was a shitty Dungeon Master, those piss me off too. Well, regardless, they killed him. From the way the article was written, leaving the mispelled note was just a side thought on their part.

As in, they killed him, cut him up, and then was like “Hey, man. We should totally leave a note like Raito did, that’d be bitchin.”

Sounds like it was more premeditated than that. Murders don’t usually get spur of the moment awesome ideas like that, I know, I’ve watched enough Law and Order SVU to know.

Spoiler Alert: Casca Kills Griffith

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Ya Rly.

Not really, I bet if you weren’t current with the manga you were kind of like “WTF!” face there for a moment, but this is purely speculation and before you sit there and think “Damn your speculation is genius and creative”, It’s not. I got the idea (and some of the images) from forums or as I like to call them, the Berserk Scholars. These are just my ideas on it.

Anyway, as I was saying. Within Berserk, there lies a possibility, one so completely obscure that it would come off as a better than average twist if it were to come true. The possibility that it will be not Gutts, who has fought and struggled for so long against his fate to get vengeance, but Casca who wore her durp face for over half of the series that struck him down and ended his evil reign of evil terror.

That’d be kind of like a bitch slap in the face to Gutts though.

But throughout Berserk there has been an underlying theme of sexual abuse and the abusees getting justice upon their abusers. You see where I’m going with this.

Gutts gets it straight in the pooper when he was a child because his adoptive mercenary father Gambino sold him off to one of his gay-er mercenary friends. Gutts, of course, counters this by stabbing his ass-rapist in the mouth during a battle. Then continues to lead a life of suffering and various mental instabilities.

Casca almost gets her cherry taken by the rich noble that bought her, almost, but not quite. Not-so-evil Griffith swoops in to save the day and throws her a sword. She stabs him and then the women’s empowerment movement happened.

And Griffith, well, he kind of whored himself out to a rich noble for some quick army raising cash.He went on with his aforementioned raised army to defeat his army and killed him as he begged for forgiveness/begged him to be his butt buddy again.

All three main characters took their vengeance on their abusers, but none was more sexual abused than Casca when the newly forms Femto took to raping her in front of Gutts causing her to go crazy and revert back to her childlike ways.

Won’t her vengeance be sweet?
Is it not deserved?
Could she kill him?

I guess will have to wait to know. Still, fun speculation.

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