Why do you people like K-on!…?

August 11, 2010 at 3:50 am | Posted in anime, BECK, k-on | Leave a comment

What is the appeal of this? They are cute, I mean, just LOOK at them. But unless you are an expecting mother or a 12 year old girl, these girls are clearly not for you.

It’s the music thing, isn’t it? You like the music, it soothes you. Coddles you to it’s bosom and makes you think the world won’t kick you in the nuts every time you turn a corner, yes? Well, then how come BECK never got much hyper when it came out? Not that I WATCHED anime when BECK came out, but you rarely hear anything about it. The music in it is ten times better, and the characters are literally off the cool chart.

The above picture is a completely rational comparison.

Also, the K-on! manga ends in September, or at least THIS PART of the K-on! manga does. The author expressed interest in…Oh God…Making more. I figured instead of just reporting the news, I’d go on a weird rant sort of thing.


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