Black Ops Right Around the Corner

November 4, 2010 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Black Ops, Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Black Ops, COD | 1 Comment
My face is more mysterious that Master Chiefs

Nov 9th, five days from today the long awaited Call of Duty: Black Ops is set to be released. I was never of a fan of World at War and I sadly can’t find myself getting pumped up about Treyarch’s next installment in COD series. I remember being so much more pumped about MW2 when it came out, sadly after all that stuff that went down with Activision and Infinity Ward I find it hard to get excited about anything Activision has their hands in. I suppose as long as it doesn’t look like this it I might be able to get into it.


I am just going to be getting the regular addition for myself and Amerowolf, so we will probably be tearing into it as soon as we finish combating the horde in the local Gamestop during the midnight release. However I know some people out there are probably planning on getting the really fancy deluxe addition, hopeful it won’t be as big of a disappointment as the Halo 3 Legendary addition was (Biggest waste of money I ever fell into). Then again you do get a bitchin RC car, that you could buy at a toy store for like 20 bucks.

Most expensive RC car evar

I could see the box saying this is a replica of a replica or some bs like that to justify when it breaks after messing with it once. The story goes, dedicated COD fans will brave the cold, and the discomfort of being outside the natural habit of sitting in front of their TV’s. School will be skipped, employees will be mysteriously¬† ill, and a record amount of soda’s and snacks shall be consumed world wide, as Activision releases their next game in their goal to achieving world domination. I know ill be there, right along side my brothers in arms.

“I’m ready are you?”

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