I need a new Banner and other blog related things.

October 23, 2007 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Blog Related | 2 Comments

I need a new banner. Actually…I need a real banner. I need to get my lazy ass to open up photoshop and actually make one.

Anyone here want to make one for me?
750X140, you can use any characters you want.

But since no one frequently visits this place I might end up doing it myself. =/

So any, I learned a lesson today. I need to back up my articles in like…a word document or something. Ef Episode 2 and Myself;Yourself episode 3, the content inside them seems to have disappeared.

So I have to re-write those. -_-


Commenting now available.

October 9, 2007 at 1:41 pm | Posted in Blog Related | Leave a comment


You can now comment on my articles without your comments having to be approved. (I hope)

It worked for me when I wasn’t logged in, so I hope (hopeHopeHopeHopeHope) it’ll work for you guys.

I know what your thinkin’ “Took you long enough, nitwit.” I know, righto. But I’ve never admitted to being a person of quick wit or great intelligence.

Anyway, enjoy. And possibly please me by commenting?

Why Hellllo WORLD~

October 1, 2007 at 12:53 am | Posted in Blog Related | Leave a comment

It’s time for the not-so-grand opening of this blog! Since I’m actually very poor I can purchase the CSS upgrade for this blog. Maybe I will, till then I’ll just have to settle for the way it looks now.

I think it looks pretty good…?

Yeah. I don’t really have anything good to say for my not-so-awesome unveiling of this blog.

« Oh, while I’m at it. What to expect here? »

Well, Expect anime and manga reviews. Possibly a video game review. (I play mostly RPGs, so…) You know what, I’m a pretty random person. So expect pretty much anything to pop up here. But yah know, whatever it is, it’ll definitely be funny. Even if it’s just a little bit funny.

I have some anime and manga I could review, but I’ve got a good long time ahead of me to do that. So until then.

Thank You and Good Nighto.

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