Manga Review Claymore Volume 1

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So I’m a little late for the Claymore fanbus that left when the anime came out, so what? I can still enjoy a good manga righto?

Plot Summary: There have been brutal murders taking place in Raki’s home town, six of them to be exact, each one more vicious than the last. It is decided that they need to call in a special breed of slayer to track down such a fiend. A claymore. The claymore comes to the town, a strange silver eyed girl that is as stoic as she is attractive. Raki immediately takes a liking to her and follows her about town.

After hours of prodding Raki returns home with out so much as learning her name. There he finds his brother has slain his family that he had been staying with. His brother was the demon (yoma) that had been committing all the murder! The claymore comes crashing through the building to save Raki, she admits that she smelled the yoma on him and just had to follow him.

This cocky yoma attacks the claymore. It becomes clear that she is no mere human, she is part yoma herself. The yoma is slain and the claymore leaves town. Raki feels terrible that she thought that he would be too traumatized to remember her. So in a last ditch effort, he asks her name. Her name is Claire.


Later we learn more about Claire’s…well, pimp. A man in all black with round sunglasses. She later gets ambushed by six yoma, but makes it out relatively unharmed. The story continues with Raki wondering through a wasteland. He succumbs to the elements but is saved by…a claymore? The man at the Inn tells him that this Claymore is in the forest waiting for him. Raki immediately realizes she is not a Claymore as she refers to herself as such.


Luckily Claire is there to save the day, feeling some sort of human emotion, she takes Raki on as her chef. As they travel, we learn that Claire does not have the same physical needs as a human anymore and is actually envious of Raki having things such as hunger. However, this is cut short when Claire’s pimp delivers her a message.  She received a card with another claymore’s symbol on it. This symbolizes that she wants Claire to kill her before her Yoma overcomes her humanity.

Review: I wasn’t so sure if I would like Claymore when I first heard about it. Even if it is the ‘Shounen Berserk’ I just…didn’t much care for the sound of it. There’s also a different matter of my biased against female main characters, which is incredibly anti-feminist and pretty unexpected.

Besides all that,. Claymore turned out to be…decent. So far no differentiation between the Yomas, but there’s still a ways to go. Claire, as a main character, didn’t bother me quite as much as I would have expected. My only qualm I had with this was the way heads are drawn? Most of these people look pretty similar or have really large foreheads.  Art plays a very essential role in my liking of a manga, so we’ll see how this ends up.


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