4 Arrested in 3 year old Belgian Death Note Murder Case

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I used to run another blog on wordpress back in the day (fuck wordpress), and I wrote an entry about a murder case where Belgian police found a human torso and 2 thighs laying ina park, next to it was a note that said “watashi wa KIRA dess”.

Facepalms were had, not just for the blatant mispelling¬† but for the uber lame Death Note copy cat. Turns out recently the case was solved. This is good, because still today my blog gets some weird ass comments from Kira wanna-be’s. Go read that link, you’ll lol.

As I was saying, apparently the four people involved got into a fight with the man that was murdered, my guess is he was a shitty Dungeon Master, those piss me off too. Well, regardless, they killed him. From the way the article was written, leaving the mispelled note was just a side thought on their part.

As in, they killed him, cut him up, and then was like “Hey, man. We should totally leave a note like Raito did, that’d be bitchin.”

Sounds like it was more premeditated than that. Murders don’t usually get spur of the moment awesome ideas like that, I know, I’ve watched enough Law and Order SVU to know.


Death Note Dub

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You can catch a sneak peak of the Death Note dub on Adult Swim’s website. You can watch the first episode or wait until Saturday, October 20th (tomorrow) at 12pm Eastern time, 11pm Central too see it.

…Part of me wishes it was really bad so that I could have a lot more to write about. In all honesty, it wasn’t bad. I had an immediate dislike of Raito’s voice because it didn’t sound as delightfully evil as one would’ve liked it.

That all changed after I heard his laughter. It is great, evil, demonic, sadistic laughter. With little stifled wheezes in there. Wonderful.

Ryuuku’s voice wasn’t as low as raspy as I would’ve wanted, but it fits him pretty well.

If they totally ruin L’s voice, I will be forever angry. But he’s not in the first episode. …I Think. I was always more of a manga reader with Death Note.

Did you know…that the one article about Death Note I put on this blog is the one article with the most hits? Someone needs to explain to me why this series just ‘clicked’ with every single person who read/watched it.

Anywho~ Dubs’ good. Prepare for American Fanbases flooding your forums. BRAAACE YOURSELVESSS~

Death Note Copycat Murder

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La Derni√®re Heure, a French daily newspaper in Belgium similar to United Kingdom’s The Sun or America’s New York Post, reports that two identical messages linked to the Death Note manga were left near severed body parts that were discovered Friday afternoon in the forest of Belgium’s Duden Park. According to the newspaper, the two paper sheets both say “Watashi wa Kira dess,” an apparent misspelling of the Japanese phrase “Watashi wa Kira desu,” or “I am Kira (Killer).” This is a catchphrase from writer Tsugumi Ooba and artist Takeshi Obata‘s Death Note, a suspense manga series, in which a high school boy discovers a notebook which allows him to kill people by writing their names in it.

Source: ANN

And so it begins…
Actually it’s long over do. Death Note Copycat killers.

As horrible as it is, I can’t help but laugh. I think the misspelling of ‘desu’ has a little to do with it too. I didn’t put the whole article but the body parts found were two thighs and a lower abdomen of a white male.

Personally, I think he picked the wrong manga to emulate. His style seems much more MPD Psycho.

The question is though…

Who’s going to be the L?

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