Gearbox rumored to now be working on Duke Nukem Forever – YEAH RIGHT!

August 11, 2010 at 7:49 pm | Posted in duke nukem forever, video games | 2 Comments

So I was browsing Kotaku today, and I saw the silly rumor that you read in the title. I laughed for about three minutes until the laughter faded and I got to thinkin’

Diablo 3 being worked on?
Duke Nukem Forever back in development?

I just need two more horses and we would have the four horses of the apocalypse in this bitch.

Somebody hold me.

Gearbox has yet to confirm, but Take-Two Interactive did confirm that they still held the publishing rights to the game. Some crazy bastard even went as far as to jest that there would be a playable demo out later this year.


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