Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 3

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Under the brightly colored sky, Renji and Chihiro read from her dairy about the day she first met Renji. She only lets him read so far though, since it is her diary after all. They continue to talk about her condition. Near the end of the conversation Chihiro admits that she’d like to just give up. She doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone, but living always makes her a bother to someone.

Renji goes home to have dinner with his oddly young, perky, and green-haired mother. They discuss Renji’s future, but he still hasn’t decided. An old friend Kuze-san is back and Renji is excited to deliver dinner to him. Renji wanted to talk with him, but he was having relations with a lady at the time.

The next day, Kei runs into Hirono who is actually making an effort to go to school that day. However, when Hirono goes to his secret roof hideout he runs into Miyako. Miyako drags him off to lunch. As lunch he runs into another classmate named Hayama Mizuki.

The thing about Mizuki is she…apparently has a crush on Kei. Is it just me or are lesbians turning up more and more often in anime these days? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Anyway, the scene switches to a friend of Hirono’s, Kyuusuke. He is breaking up with his girlfriend because they feel too distant. All Kyuusuke wants is to film.

Renji goes to meet Chihiro, but it starts to rain so he goes home making the assumption that she won’t come. Inside he ponders on how he can help his princess. The next day he meets Himura at the train station. He is a messenger for Chihiro. Chihiro waited for Renji all night and caught a cold. Renji at this point feels absolutely awful.

Elsewhere, Hirono meets Kei in the gym. She heard that he was hanging out with Miyako and says that she is a bad influence. He sticks up for Miyako and lets it slip that he was with her on Christmas. Kei is…pissed about him skipping her Christmas party to be with Miyako.


Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 2

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And the crazy mind twisting, trip-fest of colors continues in this anime. Seriously, if the sky turned the wide variety of colors that it does in this animes’ Japan, I would move there. Right now. Very beautiful they are.

The episode starts with Chihiro having a conversation with Himura, you know? That priest that Renji talked to? Yeah, they know each other too. In fact, Chihiro lives at the church. She says she wants to tell Renji something, something important, and asks his advice on it. This guy isn’t great at giving advice, he says it’s her decision. Or~ He is really wise, yes?

Anyway, the scene changes to Kei who is trying to wake up Hirono for school. He feel asleep over his manga again. After some good ol’ girl-on-boy anime abuse he finally wakes up. On their way to school it is revealed that Hiro Hirono is only his manga pen name.

His real name is Shidou Nagi. That’s riiiight~ He’s brother to Chihiro and Kei. They part ways and Hirono ends up on the roof working on his manga. He’s such a slacker, skippin’ school to sit under the sky that changes colors.

Up on the roof, Miyako comes to see him! No, really, she goes up there just to see him. It’s not some crazy coincidence or anything.  We find out that Hirono is not just a manga artist, but a Shoujo manga artist. Pfft, such a girl…Oh lawd!? What if he turns out to have been born a girl? That would be a cool twist.

The scene switches to Renji. He is rushing right over to see Chihiro because he has a thing for girls in eyepatches. =/ She is not yet at their meeting spot. He waits and she eventually shows up. They talk for awhile…you know…boring crap. Then as they are about to part Chihiro decides to tell him. Under the most wonderful sunset ever, Chihiro admits that she has a memory problem.

The eyepatch should’ve gave that away. She only has the memory span of 1o hours. How does she remember Renji? That journal, she writes down the days events in them….

Yeah. This anime isn’t turning out as grand as I hoped. It’s sort of boring, but the colors are varied enough to distract. 😀

Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 1

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I have to admit. This was sort of a confusing anime. It wasn’t as mind raping as Serial Experiments Lain, but you have to keep track of a lot of things and people and remember what’s been said. (I made a list at the end and drew connection lines. =] )

The story starts off with Asou Renji walking along the railroad tracks. He expresses that he would like to be put in a ‘Knight in shining armor saves princess’ situations, but like every apathetic anime school boy ever, thinks this is unlikely to happen. As he gets to an abandoned rail station where he likes toread he sees a girl.

Pretty young lass. Pink hair. Eye patch. That whole shtick. Her name is Shindou Chihiro  In a very anti-climatic manner he says goodbye to her and she returns the wave. The scene switchs to another character, Hirono Hiro, who seems to have hit a road block with his manga.

He gets a message from Shindou Kei (relation to Chihiro? Yes. Sisters.), an childhood friend of his, telling him to come to her christmas party. He decides to go out and gather information for his manga and maybe stop by the party.

Hiro enters a church to gether information for his manga where he meets Amamiya Yuko who is either dressed like a russian or a nun, most likely a nun. She says she is waiting for someone but walks past Hiro, wishing him a merry Christmas.

Outside a girl passes him on a bike. Turns out that was his bike! Oh Shi- Hiro gives chase to the attractive female thief. When he catches up to her, he finds his bike wrecked and the girl unconscious on the ground. When she comes to she introduces herself as Miyamura Miyako and said she was pursuing a purse thief. Having lost her house keys in her purse she convinces Hiro to let her stay with him for the night.

THE SCENE CHANGES~ Asou Renji heads into the same church that Hiro was in, accept now it is daylight. He asks for advice from Himura Yuu who is also waiting for someone. Renji wants advice on what job he should do. Yuu deducts that since Renji likes reading that he should be a publisher.

Renji being the adolescent that he is, thinks that was bad advice. Renji then finds himself wondering to the abandoned rail station again. He, again, meets Shindou Chihiro. After they esablish that they have met before they make a bit of small talk.Chihiro starts to leave, saying that she must be a bother being in Renji’s space. Renj, however, thinks the opposite.

WOAHA~ Craaaaazy kids and their drugs…Anyway, after they get over that, they make a promise to see each other again. The next day, as promised, Renji goes back. Chihiro embraces him in what I suppose is delight. The chat, and establish that they are friends. And much like a little girl, Renji goes skipping home with joy. =/

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