Fable 3, kind of a let down thar.

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Don’t worry my little bastard conceived out of wedlock with a whore from my “homeless shelter turned brothel”, I won’t let you down.
So. So, yeah. I’ve been waiting for Fable 3 ever since I bought Fable 2. that was a year before the release date was even announced. I was pretty psyched for it last week, I was pretty psyched by playing it this week, but…It seemed awfully lacking in thar.
For one, I beat the story in significantly less time it took me to beat the others. 8 hours. 8 Very short hours of squinting at my tiny tv to read text that I could’ve read fine on a bigger/HD one. I thought once I made if past the first part and was made King I would have more time. For example, I have a year to get ready to do something.
365 days it says. IT LIED. You have maybe…Five days of doing something, then you’re country gets utterly rolled. Though I won’t lie, this was the first Fable where the main villain actually scared me quite a bit.
Fable 3 tries very hard to make some sort of political point in there about monarchy and being a monarch, but that has so…little relevance to today’s world I don’t understand why they just couldn’t make a long fun game.
Fable 3 also tried to be creative in it’s menu system, it just came off as more of a hassle. Instead of opening a menu, pickin’ what’cha need, going to do it. You have to walk around every which way in sanctuary. It’s kind of deterring from making one want to change clothes or do anything. Basically, I didn’t do much outside the story, the towns felt…very tedious to run around in.
One good thing I absolutely loved was spell weaving, mixing your magic. Vortex+Fire = Firestorm! It was very cool.
But other than that…Meh.

Fable III Opening Cinematic

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This opening actually saddened me for quite awhile. I was saddened by the chicken thing, not the whole fact that this was just a glorified tour of the world and told me nothing about the plot. I, however, was soon enlightened that…They meant to do this. They were trying to make the player mad at the current king by making the state of the world terrible so you would try and change it.

Mind = blown.

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