Final Fantasy 14’s Beta and why it makes you not want to play

September 9, 2010 at 1:51 pm | Posted in Final Fantasy 14, video games | Leave a comment

The above image is from the first few scenes in the Final Fantasy 14 Beta (and from the game itself, I suppose). The big green man represents you and the white chick is some NPC character whom I know nothing about. Now let me give you a little backstory about my FF14 Beta experience. Four friends and myself attempted to download the client. My roommate and myself got a “Beta has stopped working” message and therefor could not download it. Hickshooter started downloading it but got amazing download speeds of 5-15kb and gave up. My last friend with the best computer completed the download and that’s how we got to play.

So, already you can see I was rather unimpressed, but I said to myself “It’s just the beta…” and continued on. Even on the absolute lowest graphics settings, the game was mind numbingly beautiful. Seriously, I have never seen a more beautiful game, but I would rather have the playability it lacked than to be able to see the moss perfectly growing on the trees.

Setting the scene here, you’re character is on a friendly little romp in the woods for no particular or explained reason when some flashy lights happen and two people fall from the sky, two very annoying people who think they have died. But alas, some wolves spring from the bushes and it is up to your character to beat them, this is where you can be put off.

You have four things to kill. Good luck doing that in under ten minutes. Why? Because the servers are so filled with lag that your cursor lags, your character lags, everything is way behind what it should be. You roll your cursor over to click and have to wait ten seconds before it becomes clickable. It took a good 30 seconds before you were even set to active mode so you could fight.

About active mode, unless you’ve played 11, good luck knowing what it is because Final Fantasy 14 Beta gives you nothing. No explanation of how to do things at all. It’s sort of like a guess and check system there.

I will give the beta two things. One, the character customization is un-fucking-believably detailed, I really like that. Two, the cutscenes I saw were actually pretty humorous. It’s been a long time since I played a Final Fantasy with decent humor in it (I’m looking at you 12 and 13!).

Like I said, it’s just a beta and I can’t be too hard on it. We are still not sure whether my friends computer was just having issues running it or if it was the extreme server lag. We’ll have more when it comes out on consoles, because no one here apparently has the PC to handle such and epic game.


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