Jyuushin Enbu – Hero tales Episode 1

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Was supposed to type this up days ago. Garo garo garo! The thing is, I was really hyped about this because it looked similar to FMA (and is made by the FMA guy)  and well, I don’t really like FMA. It got all popular and collected a very large and annoying fanbase and I just stopped liking it. So I was hoping that, you know, ‘Hey! It looks like FMA maybe I’ll watch this so Amero can finally finish FMA in peace!’

Doesn’t look that way. It’s a very generic anime, I would guess it’s a generic manga as well but I wouldn’t know. Starts off a very generic way when Taitou comes back to all his temple friends dead. He does a very predictable thing and challenges the intruder (that looks like Bas Grand.) Of course, this muscled intruder is way stronger than Taitou. Taitou takes the Dragon Sword which was the whole reason the intruder came.

Guess what happens? Taitou is the one chosen to wield the sword~ Not just that but he’s the legendary purple Super Saiyan! He gets a big aura power-up. But you know what, Auras and sword don’t stop gravity. The intruder takes the sword and throw Taitou off a cliff.

He gets brought back by a lost monk man and is resting. Did I mention his father looks like a manlier version of Iruka from Naruto? Well, he does. His sister, Laila comes in and head butts him awake and they go off to bury their dead temple mates.

So, anyway, Taitou and the  intruder are connected in the Big Dipper. They and five other people have marks tattooed on different parts of the body corresponding with the stars. It is said that the person who wields the dragon sword will rule the world. I just wanted to be serious and give a piece of accurate information for once.

Somewhere else the intruder, who’s name is Keirou tries to open the sword. He cannot, this means that it’s true owner is still alive. He sends his minion, because real villians use minions, his name is Shimei. He is probably the most interesting character I’ve seen so far.

He is able to control people and does so with Laila. Naturally, like any minion he cuts oven her shirt…Both me and him were disappointed with the fact that Laila wore bandages over her titties. =/

Anyway, this whole…angsty thing causes Taitou to go Super Saiyan and pin Shimei into a wall. End.

I couldn’t get into this. The art style is all wonky (I have a problem with FMA guy’s art too.) and the main hero is just too pathetic and doesn’t have anything interesting about him.


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