Berserk 317 – Preperation for the Final Battle

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The moonlight boy finally makes Gutts see his friends and that he is meant to protect and not hurt them. With a piercing howl he begins to fight the armor, but begins to lose. Shierke jumps onto his back and begins to pull the armor from his head, helping him finally break free.

We see the true form of the moonlight boy, it was the same boy they met awhile back and Shierke notes that they met him at the full moon that time as well. Know that she is now the last person left of the island, Ishidoro begs the Captain to give Isma a ride elsewhere. However, Gutts means to settle his business with the monster here and now on the island.

They return to the ship where preparations for the final battle are made. Shierke is going to project herself as a body of light and go with Gutts, Farnesse is going to have her first attempt at magic and protect the boat.

You can download berserk 317 here.


Love Hina author to launch free manga site

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Ken Akamatsu, mangaka of the pervy Harem manga Love Hina and the like minded harem manga Mahou Sensei Negima is going to be launching a website in Japan that will host a slew of out of print mangas with the authors permission. Best thing is, it be free. The site, called J-comi will be funded via advertising and host all their manga in high quality PNG format.
Now with all the negativity with piracy and all that, it’s nice to see some one being proactive in all this. Though it is only in Japan, and thus only manga in Japanese will be on it. It’d be nice if something like that came around stateside someday. It’d be a good move to keep people happy and maybe slow down the priracy.

Legendary anime Gunbuster to get manga

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It was announced a few days ago that Gunbuster will be receiving a manga, like most popular animes do. However, they are a little late on the jump here since the anime has been around since the 1980’s and has been a classic in the hearts of many. I know that it’s literally the only mecha anime that I can stomach.
The manga will appear in the December issue of Young Ace and is drawn by the elusive Kobacha, I say elusive because it’s impossible to find his other works.

Spoiler Alert: Casca Kills Griffith

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Ya Rly.

Not really, I bet if you weren’t current with the manga you were kind of like “WTF!” face there for a moment, but this is purely speculation and before you sit there and think “Damn your speculation is genius and creative”, It’s not. I got the idea (and some of the images) from forums or as I like to call them, the Berserk Scholars. These are just my ideas on it.

Anyway, as I was saying. Within Berserk, there lies a possibility, one so completely obscure that it would come off as a better than average twist if it were to come true. The possibility that it will be not Gutts, who has fought and struggled for so long against his fate to get vengeance, but Casca who wore her durp face for over half of the series that struck him down and ended his evil reign of evil terror.

That’d be kind of like a bitch slap in the face to Gutts though.

But throughout Berserk there has been an underlying theme of sexual abuse and the abusees getting justice upon their abusers. You see where I’m going with this.

Gutts gets it straight in the pooper when he was a child because his adoptive mercenary father Gambino sold him off to one of his gay-er mercenary friends. Gutts, of course, counters this by stabbing his ass-rapist in the mouth during a battle. Then continues to lead a life of suffering and various mental instabilities.

Casca almost gets her cherry taken by the rich noble that bought her, almost, but not quite. Not-so-evil Griffith swoops in to save the day and throws her a sword. She stabs him and then the women’s empowerment movement happened.

And Griffith, well, he kind of whored himself out to a rich noble for some quick army raising cash.He went on with his aforementioned raised army to defeat his army and killed him as he begged for forgiveness/begged him to be his butt buddy again.

All three main characters took their vengeance on their abusers, but none was more sexual abused than Casca when the newly forms Femto took to raping her in front of Gutts causing her to go crazy and revert back to her childlike ways.

Won’t her vengeance be sweet?
Is it not deserved?
Could she kill him?

I guess will have to wait to know. Still, fun speculation.

Berserk 315 – Tentacle Rape Time!

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The first bit of 315 is Shenanigans. I call it. The Ghost Pirates ghostly pirate ship (of ghosts) appears before Gutts Co. on land. The pirate captain introduces himself as Skeletal Beard, who sort of hints that the Sea God will be coming to kick some ass and chew bubblegum. I reckon it’s also stated that he’s also all out of bubblegum. Truth be told, I have so little idea of why the sea god is coming because of the god damn pirate talk. It’s hard for me to read.

Anyway, Gutts gets mad. Madder. Looks at Caska (who has her ‘derp’ face on) Maaaaadest. Berserker form and starts chopping some tentacle slug/crab monster things, putting further strain on his already deteriorating body. Schierke is, of course, too far away to be able to stop him now. Leaving things open for someone else to pull him back to himself.

My thoughts? Gutts is acting like a little bitch depending on the armor like that. He was doing fine with demons before it. I understand him needing the power to fight the godhand, but why waste it on these small fries…

Read Berserk 315 Online here!

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