Myself; Yourself Episode 4

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If I were to give anime episodes titles, I would name this episode ‘Shuu’s Stalker ~ Pedophillic urges’. It’s probably for the best that I don’t name anime episodes. =<

This episode was hilarious. If I didn’t already find myself looking forward to this anime each week then this episode would’ve hooked me.

Shuu, after finishing Kendo practice, grabs some food and walks home. On his way he sees some boys bullying a little girl, like a good man he saves her. While chasing the boys away he drops his school ID and the girl picks it up.

The next day she is waiting for him. She returns the ID and then the episode ends. XD
No, not really. She tells the gang of his knightly deeds then leave. However, the next there she is waiting for him again. This chicka is in looove~

That ngiht Sana, being a man, can’t cook and goes out for dinner. He runs into this little girl, whose name I forgot to mention, it’s Mochida Hinako. Pretty important detail to leave out. Anyway, Hinako is collecting these yeti doll things, which is why she gets a kid’s meal. Or so she claims. She really wants to be grown up.

The next day, she follows Sana home and they get into some shenanigans. Sana was caught on top of Hinako with his shirt open by Aoi. Anyway, Hinako confesses that she is in love with Shuu and Aoi agrees to teach her the ways of lovin’

Sana gets assigned to do research. Shuu unoriginally likes big boobs. The funny thing is, he’s using his sister as a reference for what he likes. He likes everything she is not. Hinako begs Aoi to teach her the secret of big titties. They go to ask her mother. Her mother suggests that Sana squeeze them. Sana says they aren’t even big enough to do that. Sana gets punched. XD

Next, Shuu likes girls who can cook. Hinako tries, but even with Aoi’s godly instruction fails. It appears that she has killed Sana with her love curry. =0

Next, Shuu likes quiet soft spoken girls. But Shuu is a little freaked out when Hinako acts all quiet. Finally they set up a date at the aquarium where Hinako will confess her love. Shuu, of course, turns her down. But in a nice honest way.

On the way home, Sana and Hinako have one of those meaningful anime talks. He hugs her and says it okay to cry over a broken heart. Awwww~


Myself; Yourself Episode 3

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This episode was just filled with awkwardness and some mild lulz. But mostly awkwardness. Seriously, some of it was hard to watch for me just because I could predicts Nanako’s feelings.

The camera is panning off to a door, which has melodic grunting sounds coming from behind it. Luckily it is not the sounds of sex, but the Watasuki twins-Shuu and Shuri-exercising. They are trying to think of a plan to try to better relations between Nanako and Sana. They decide to go on a fishing expedition by the river!

The next day they invite Sana and Nanako and, of course, lovely li’l Aoi. In some kind of twist of fate, Nanakop drops her mirror in the classroom and it rolls out into the hall. It ‘somehow’ ends up right under Sana’s foot. He apologizes profusely. He feels so bad, that night he goes out to get her a new mirror where he runs into Asami.

Nanako, however, sees them shopping. Ouch. She takes that rather badly. The next day he explains why he was with Asami. This wins her back a little. She covets that mirror like an obsessed little girl though. Some morning in the near future…They gather to catch the bus and go fishing.

Sana made the mistake of inviting Asami as well. You can imagine how Nanako is taking this right? Yeah. Sana brought the fishing lure Shuu gave him when they were kids and they use it to catch some fish. Sana, Aoi, and Shuu are fishing and well…Long story shot, Aoi get the hook stuck on her skirt and it exposes some panties.  Lulz.

They only manage to catch one fish, but thankfully Aoi packed lots of food. While Asami is gutting the fish Sana walks by and sees the bloody knife. He really freaks out about it. While he is recovering he finds a beautiful pink pebble in the water. You’d think sana would be dumb and give it to Asami, but he doesn’t.

After dinner Nanako goes to pull out some cookies that she made for them. They hold memories from the alst time this gang went fishing. However~ Asami brought dessert. -_- She puts them away and seeths.

Next stop on their trip of joy is the new spa. Now, Shuu and Sana come out before the girls. This really shows what kind of man Shuu is. He’s a real man because he wears a tiny, tiny speedo. The girls come out and of course the boys comment about the swim suits. The only hot girls turn out to be Asami and Aoi. =/

There is a bit of dialogue about Sana not taking off his wrist watch later in the episode.  This makes he think he slit his wrist since he was so freaked out by the blood. Whatever, we will find out later, righto?

The gang goes home and splits ways. Sana, Aoi, and Nanako are walking home when Sana and Aoi mention Nanako’s cookies from way back when. She admits that she made them this time and they go back to Aoi’s place to eat them. Sana and Aoi literally woof them down. Sana, in payment for the cookies, gives Nanako the pink pebble. She covets like a little girl, yet again.


Myself; Yourself Episode 2

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Episode 2 is out~ Now I have to warn you. This my be a bit cynical, but stereotypes bring out the worst in me. This episode is filled with convenient situations and it’s so bad it’s predictable to me.

Starts off with Sana and Aoi walking to school. And yet again, Sana’s mind wanders to Aoi’s massive boobies. -_- Oh lawd, the fanservice, it starts here. When they get there they are greeted by the Wakatsuki twins, Shuu and Shuri. Nanaka passes them all by without so much as a hello. That girl sure can hold a grudge…

Next it is the Battle Royale for lunch food. It seems this particular Japanese school is very undestocked for food, so the children have to practically fight for it. After lunch they return to class and pick representatives. Being a reps seems to be an unsavory job since no one wants it. Nanaka is picked due to her experience as one, Shuu is also selected, but get out of it by nominating Sana. The bonds of friendship…so strong. Shuri nominates him as well, but for a much less selfish reason.

So off they go, Sana and Nanaka, the dynamic duo~ But not really, Nanaka treats Sana coldly and tells him to follow her since he doesn’t know where the Reps meet. They end up at the library to blow some time. Oh look, the book nerd Aoi is there too. ^^ And it turns out she’s been a library for all three years of highschool.

Nanaka ditches Sana at the library, but he is saved by a pretty little chicka named Asami Hoshino, also a Rep. Nanaka gets a bit jealous when she sees them walking into the room together.

THE NEXT DAY~ 😀 Aoi made Sana a bento so he can avoid the Lunch Battle Royale. They, again, share lunch on the lawn which eventually leads to a very awkward moment where Sana pokes Aoi in the boob with chopsticks. The day goes one BlahBlah music class Blah Flashback of Nanaka’s violin song BlahBlahBlah. After school, sana goes to the music room looking for his pencil case and Nanaka goes back to fetch something for the music teacher.

No, this isn’t setting up for anything. Nothing at all. Well Sana starts playing the song Nanaka made for him on the piano and of course Nanaka hears it. Asami passes by and comes in to have a chat with Sana. Sana then admits this is the only song he can remember to play on the piano. Aww…

The next day. Nanaka says ‘Good Morning’
Making progress cracking that frigid bitch, are we?

Myself; Yourself Episode 1

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Finally, I’m getting around to watching the anime that every other anime blog has reviewed. I ‘unno, I guess they were all anticipating it. I don’t see why, well, I do, it was cute and every thing, but it wasn’t great. Animation wasn’t especially beautiful.

It starts off with a group of friends having a going away party for their friend Sana-kun. I was a bit put off by the little kids, but I just stuck it out and hoped that they would grow up. They did, they did. It’s cool, man.

Five years later Sana-kun returns as a sixteen year old to go to high school. Why he returned? I do not know, I can hazard a guess though. I bet it was to see his friends. =/ Took him long enough though.

On his way to his apartment Sana takes a detour to the shrine where he finds himself being stalked by this attractive temple girl. Any animewatcher with a brain can recognize her as Nanaka, his childhood friend who played a lovely violin song at his going away party. However, anime men forget the women of their past. While he was there Sana got his fortune told. …This is where I worry it will turn into some sort of Harem anime. It told of Misfortune and especially bad relationships with ladies. =/

Finally, he gets to his apartments and is greeted by another girl from his past, the ever perky Aoi. Again the harem genre shows it’s ugly head as he notices how much her bust developed. After finally ditching Aoi, Sana goes out to get some food and stops at a bookstore. Again, he runs into Aoi, who goes into a very amusing rant about the book was about to pick up.

Aoi invites Sana over to dinner where we get to see her father, who looks young enough to be her brother, and her mother who suggests they marry. Sana gets home late that night and is awoken by Aoi to go to school. Seeing as they didn’t have to be in until later, Aoi makes them breakfast. Turns out she’s very good in the kitchen and even carries an apron around. ^_^

At school Sana is put in the same class as the Watasuki (Syusuke and Syuri) twins, more old friends. The temple maiden is there as well. Sana is glad to see her, buuuut…Seeing as he didn’t remember who she was Nanaka slaps him good and hard. It was only after seeing the hair tie he had given her as a child did he recognize her.


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