Night Wizard: The Animation Episode 3

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So, there was one point in which I thought this was going to be just some generic crap. I think it shows hints of that, but there’s definitely a certain hint of originality in this anime. Even if I’m the only one that can see it.

Anyway, it starts off with the Golem army. Needless to say, since they are the good guys they take care of them pretty easily. Now for the ascent into the castle of dooooom~! Since Renji is one of those characters he hit every trap in the castle. For minutes this goes on until they reach a clearing.

Elis decides they should break of lunch. Since she’s the sweet, yet useless, plot-driving character she was nice enough to make a lunch for them. Akari does not join them, in fact she doesn’t make nice at all. Not that she’s outwardly mean, she’s just very cold.

Ah, well, after lunch they continue walking until they come across an Mesopotamia-esque wall art thing. Elis seems to be able to understand who the great beast it depicts it. I serpent named Syaimaral.

While they are admiring a wall Lalalmu, that green lipstick wearing, boobies too big for her shirt villian lady reached the resting place of the jewel. However, there seems to be a barrier blocking her. She somehow goes invisible and waits for the crew to arrive. After throwing Renji into yet another trap, the three girls finally reach the jewel room. They, too, are unable to touch it. Suddenly Lalamu makes the suits of armor come alive and attack them.

Luckily for the girls, since all of them except Akari are essentially useless, Renji drops in somehow from the roof. They kick some armored ass. In the midst of the battle Elis has an idea. On Syaimaral’s wall painting there were two jewels-one orange, the other green. After the battle is won Elis takes some copper and salt and turns the flames near the jewel green and orange. Now they are able to get at it.

Turns out the blue jewel is the jewel of liberality. Sounds pretty useless, right? It really is. Lalamu finally attacks herself. She transports them into some illusion where they are all standing on gaint jewels. Lalamu then impersonates Akari. Now the jewel they just found tells Elis a plan to tell them apart. She bluffs and tells Kureha to shoot them both.

Lalamu points her fake Gunner’s Broom at them and Akari catches the seal they throw. So with her cover blown, they are able to blow Lalamu away. Winnars~

After the battle Akari agrees to eat some of Elis’ food and stops acting as distance towards them. Aww~ If that weren’t so terribley over done I would reall mean that previous ‘Aww’


Night Wizard: The Animation Episode 2

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Like the first episode, this episode starts off with that red haired woman fighting under the red moon with her Gunner’s broom. Then~ Much like the last episode, the episode starts off with a class getting a new student.

However, it’s just Renji. Well, at least he finally got to go to school. Though he’s been demoted a grade. Anzelotte had him demoted so he could be a bodyguard to Elis. As you can imagine he’s not very happy about it.

After school it turns out that Renji and Elis will be living together as well, but they are all! Kureha has come to stay as well. In the process she ends up kicking Renji outside so that he has to sleep on the balcony. I am baffled at why anime girls are so sensitive about men staying in their living quarters…

Oh, I skipped a part. During a flashback with Anzelotte, she convinces Elis, Renji, and Kureha to collect the jewels for Elis’ bracelet. Anzelotte also explains that there is another world called Rikai that wants to invade ours, so they send emulators through during the red moon. Elis agrees to do this so now she is officially a Night Wizard. Okay, now none of that’s really as important as what they talk about next. They talk about this object called a Lunar cape that all night wizards wear.

I now know how, in all RPGs, I can carry mass amounts of large objects and now be pulling a very heavy wagon behind my party. Lunar Cape. You can store objects inside and just seem to pull them out of mid-air.

Lunar Cape, RPG fans, Lunar Cape.

Anyway, after lunch, or during actually they get called to Anzelotte’s palace. She has found the location of the next jewel. So the crew goes on their merry way, where they get attacked by Golems. Now…the lady that summons these golems…She is just…ridiculous. Her boobies are SO BIG that if she moved, I am almost fairly sure they would fall out of her top. Super serial, guys. Either her top is too small or her boobs are too big.

Anyway, Kureha and Renji are having a hard time with this. As I expected Elis is one of those absolutely useless warriors so…yeah. You know the red head with the Gunner’s Broom? He name is Akari and she shows up, taking care of that Golem in one shot.

The episode ends with the foursome being faced by a small squadron of Golems.

Night Wizard: The Animation Episode 1

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You now…Since they added ‘The Animation’ to the end of Night wizard, it makes me wonder if this is based on something. So I wikipedia’d it and I guess it is based on an RPG. Well, yeah, now that we got that established…

The episode starts of with the main man, Hiisagi Renji, talking to a very pleasant looking girl called Anzelotte. Turns out, while she presents everything in a pleasant way, she’s not a very nice person that gives Renji not chance to say no to her request. Suddenly Renji is dropped into the earth’s atmosphere and falls to earth wearing only school clothes. …This doesn’t sound very safe. Poor Renji, all he wants to do is go to school.

The scene changes to a red-headed lady in a red landscape with a blood red moon. She explains that when the moon turns red that demons appear. Right on que, guess what happens? Yeah, demons appear. The people used to fight these demons are The Night Wizards! This red head summons her Gunner’s Broom, which is the biggest, coolest gun I’ve seen since Seras Victoria’s  Harkonnen. Which fires magical bullets and destroy those nasty demons. Renji also falls from the sky, very irritated and summons his very cool sword.

Scene change~o.  Ellis Shiho has just transfered to a new school. Everyone seems to thinkshe’s very cute and they all try to recruit her from their club. Like every quiet shy anime girl ever she gets recruited to astronomy club by a very assertive temple maiden named Kureha Akabane. While Kureha and Ellis are having a pleasant chat, Renji approaches the school and on the final stretch gets cut off by Anzelotte.

This is a spoiler for the rest of the episode, but Renji never gets to school. =/ He again goes and fights some beasties. Turns out he’s a member of the Astronomy club too and Kureha and him are childhood friends.

That night, Ellis has an awakening of sorts. Leading her to the withered Sakura tree at school. Kureha, conveniently notices her walking around after she (also a Night Wizard, by the way) spotted the red moon, follows her. At the tree Ellis summons a ball from the ground and reawakens all confused. Oh Shi- A Chimera appears! Kureha shoots her cross bow at it, but it doesn’t work. Ellis gets scared and this orange ball she got turns into a shield that breaks apart and floats around. If you ask me this is pretty useless, but whatever.

Renji falls from the sky and with the help of Kureha, takes care of the Chimera. Now they are all happy little Night Wizards out to save the world. =/

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