RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin – Not moe = Not popular

August 12, 2010 at 6:28 am | Posted in anime, rainbow | Leave a comment

My favorite of the 2010 Spring anime season was actually not Rainbow, I won’t feed you those blatantly lies. But Rainbow WAS one of those animes I would have overlooked had I not been like “Hrm I’mma sample this” one night. Since all episodic anime blogger out there all pretty much do the same series every season, it’s hard to find the overlooked gems like this.

Spring 2010 was all about that happy anime, upbeat slice of life harem moe pretty sparkles and unicorns up in that bitch. So for me, a hardcore Seinen fan that feeds off the angst of main characters, Rainbow was a filling meal.

Rainbow is about 6 boys which are imprisoned in a Post-WW2 Japan era. To it’s core it’s a story about solidarity and sacrifice for your brothers. It’s really quite touching. The main characters do go a bit overboard with the sacrificing thing though, to they point where it’s not even realistic anymore.

Rainbow is full of flaws, for one they strongly depend on beatings and sexual abuse to cause drama. I’m not kidding, in every episode, I guarantee someone gets hit. But in a season where anime main characters greatest motivator was to lose her virginity or how a man must absolutely pay his debt o he’ll comically choke to death, I’ll take those flaws. TAKE THEM AND IGNORE THEM.

…Or take those flaws in the ass like this guy did in the first episode.

It’s no secret that I’m a complete dick rider on Madhouse when it comes to animation. I think their work is absolutely beautiful…It’s not different here. I in particularly like how they represented the bad guys, you could tell who was a bad guy because they were made to look ugly. Scars, misshapen heads, fat creepy fish lips, hitler mustache…Yeah.

In Rainbow, if your a bad guy you are doomed to also be an ugly fellow or madam.


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