Rosario + Vampire trailer

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If I’m not mistaken, when I read the Rosario+Vampire manga, it involved a man. Other than the japanese voice heard in the trailer, I see not man. Just four girls that say to me ‘This is going to be an anime of pure fanservice, enjoy’

-_- Son of a…

Not that I really liked the Rosario+Vampire series, but I had hoped the anime would not…be like it’s going to be with it’s boobs and butt.

It’s about a guy called Tsukune Aono who accidentally enrols in a school for monsters and demons and end up with a harem of supernatural beings. The heroine is Moka Akashiya, a vampire, who falls in love with Tsukune’s blood at first sight. Then there’s the succubus, the witch girls and the ice girl.

Harem animes…I haven’t liked one of those since Love Hina.


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