The Sagara Family was…uh…*nosebleed*

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I’m not going to lie, even though I am a girl, I thoroughly enjoy an Eroge game every now any then. I’d like to say that I play them purely because I enjoy the dating sim-esque element to them, but that’s be a lie. I do enjoy the dating sim thing, but I enjoy the prizes too 😀

This was the most worksafe pictue I could find.

I’ve played a few Eroge games, but The Sagara family has literally a little bit for everyone. You are Yusuke, a young man who’s about to go into college. You are sent off by your father to board with his friend’s family to make things easier. To your surprise however, his friend’s family — the Sagara family — is comprised solely of beautiful girls. There’s the sexy widowed mother Maria, and then there are her four daughters: the demure Arisa, the feisty Sanae, the mysterious Emiru, and the playful Ruruka. You’ll be living with these ladies from this day on, and you’ll soon find out that in the Sagara family, almost anything goes…

Anything as in getting drunk with the mother and fucking her. Saving the eldest sister from her overly handsy boss, down right raping Sanae because she was acting like a whore, playing cosplay funtime with Emiru, and going for that underage piece of ass Ruruka.

It was awesome to me till the incest…and when they whipped out the big black strap-on. Then things got a little weird…

I enjoyed it, but I have one complaint, the same complaint I have about almost all Eroge. Takes to long to get to any dialog options or to any sex. It’s like reading a visual novel for most of it. If I ever find an Eroge game that lets me pick every single dialog option, I’ll die a happy, dirty, perverted woman.

As a gift from me to you, Download it Here.


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