We’ve Moved!

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For anyone who still visits, I have relocated my self to a new blog called the Band of the Hawk. I encourage you if you are a loyal reader or just a stray visitor directed off google to visit me there. Though it’s not exactly episodic anime blogging (as I figured out I’m not too good at that), but I do write some very interesting articles.


I’m not a very good blog owner.

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If you didn’t know. XD

Chances are very high right now that I’m not going to post anymore updates after this.  I lack the time and the patience. However, I will leave this up for people to…view and whatever.

Now for a little closing business. If you like what I post, how I post, whatever is here. There is one place you can find me for sure.

MFG Forums – Anime community 

It’s originally a Dragonball Z and Naruto community, but you can really chat about anything you want there. I’ll be there. So….Go on and join it.

ANN now showing Anime streams online; World implodes.

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As a went to check the news on Anime News Network, I was bombarded by not the plain and informative white background, but a pleasing orange one filled with boobies. Yoko’s boobies from Gurren Laagan, to be exact. After I ogled, I clicked it to see what sort of promotion this was for.

They are streaming episodes online now. Full episodes from what I understand. Considering this is a site that promotes the purchase of anime, I was shocked. BUT PLEASED.

Since I saw Comic Party Revolution there. ❤

The list.

-Ah! My Goddess FOF (I have no idea what FOF stand for, no.)
-Air Gear
-BAST of Syndrome
-Chance Pop Session
-Comic Party Revolution
-Gurren Laagan (subtitles)
-Jinki Extend
-Karau Phantom Memory
-Magical Play
-Paniponi Dash

Oh hai. >_> Gaiz. >_>

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That should explain it, righto? No. Probably not well enough. So recently (when you stopped seeing updates) I got a job. Me, being the gluttonous, greedy, wrathful, violent person that I am, loves money. I hate my job, but it takes up a lot of my time and energy.


I know, right? I sit here and type how taxing can that be? Well. It is. I’ve dropped almost all the series I was watching. I’m only willing to watch Minami-ke and Myself;Yourself. So if I am to update over Christmas or on the weekends. It will be about those.


Or maybe I can seduce someone else to come here and do the writing. Carl. >_>

Viz Starts a blog, Wants to rape Japanator.

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Little known fact. I love (LOOOOVE.) Japanator Anime News Blog. Seriously. I’d marry it. Read it all the time. It inspired me to start a little love blog of my own. That’s where I heard about this. (Like how I just slip blog advertising into things?)

Viz has started a blog. About Anime. In which they make some sweaty intern write for. And they try to be as funny as Japanator and fail badly. Well, not badly. There’s still a little bit of laughs to be had there but, Japanator for the win >_> (I tell you, I would MARRY it.)

Does seem like a nice blog. I hope there is a bit more…you know…content and stuff pertaining to Viz rather than trying to educate us on anime and manga with lessons like ‘Manga nutrition.’

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