COD: Black Ops DLC will explode wallets with RC-XD

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That’s right. The amount of Call of Duty Black Ops DLC Activision claims to have will be utterly bank busting, so they say. Apparently, Black Ops will have the longest line of DLC ever known to mankind from now to 2011 when they have confirmed they will be launching their new game: Call of Duty: BlackWarfare 2.

It’s come to my attention that I never put up any sort of post about Black Ops after it’s released. There is one very true, solid, piece of intel you need to know about it. I call it Call of Duty: BlackWarfare for a reason. Not because it’s racist, but because it’s exactly…I mean…Exactly like Modern Warfare 2. That’s all you need to know. But you will need at least one map pack DLC, because I’m sick of the maps it has already.


Fable 3, kind of a let down thar.

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Don’t worry my little bastard conceived out of wedlock with a whore from my “homeless shelter turned brothel”, I won’t let you down.
So. So, yeah. I’ve been waiting for Fable 3 ever since I bought Fable 2. that was a year before the release date was even announced. I was pretty psyched for it last week, I was pretty psyched by playing it this week, but…It seemed awfully lacking in thar.
For one, I beat the story in significantly less time it took me to beat the others. 8 hours. 8 Very short hours of squinting at my tiny tv to read text that I could’ve read fine on a bigger/HD one. I thought once I made if past the first part and was made King I would have more time. For example, I have a year to get ready to do something.
365 days it says. IT LIED. You have maybe…Five days of doing something, then you’re country gets utterly rolled. Though I won’t lie, this was the first Fable where the main villain actually scared me quite a bit.
Fable 3 tries very hard to make some sort of political point in there about monarchy and being a monarch, but that has so…little relevance to today’s world I don’t understand why they just couldn’t make a long fun game.
Fable 3 also tried to be creative in it’s menu system, it just came off as more of a hassle. Instead of opening a menu, pickin’ what’cha need, going to do it. You have to walk around every which way in sanctuary. It’s kind of deterring from making one want to change clothes or do anything. Basically, I didn’t do much outside the story, the towns felt…very tedious to run around in.
One good thing I absolutely loved was spell weaving, mixing your magic. Vortex+Fire = Firestorm! It was very cool.
But other than that…Meh.

WoW Expansion Catacylsm set for Dec. 7

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After much ado on Blizzard’s part (though I feel it is in someway Activisions’ fault), the newest expansion for World of Warcraft is set to be released on December 7th, the day before Hickshooters’ 21st birthday, and will consume the lives of all who play it.

The world will stop on December 8th (with the exception of Hickshooter driving to a liqour store and picking me up something good) because everyone will be…Leveling to 85 and gearing up for new raids.

I’m sure at the midnight release, I’ll see nerds stretching, drinking coffee and inserting catheters into they’re urethras for the long amounts of sitting they are about to do for the next month. The holidays are now ruined thanks to Blizzard (and again, I’m sure Activision wants to shit on your holidays anyway.)

Activision can go eat a dick

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Today I read something that really, REALLY pissed me off. Apparently the Activision CEO said that he finds Facebook more of a threat than companies like MS, Sony, Disney, EA, and Nintendo. Purely he says because Activision has their dirty little shitty piss fingers on more businesses than them and they will have to struggle to keep up with them in online business.

I’ve looked at the new Medal of Honor coming out, and decided to wait for Black Ops, but you know what? I’mma get MoH now too. Fuck you, Activision. 

He goes onto say that Bungie is the last good indie developer left.

Really? Is this the day of outrageous statements that make you look like a dick?

Bungie? Really? Faggy Halo Bungie FagFag? Not Value, or Epic, or even GearBox?

Again, Fuck you Activision. Go chow on some dick, brohan.

Final Fantasy 14’s Beta and why it makes you not want to play

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The above image is from the first few scenes in the Final Fantasy 14 Beta (and from the game itself, I suppose). The big green man represents you and the white chick is some NPC character whom I know nothing about. Now let me give you a little backstory about my FF14 Beta experience. Four friends and myself attempted to download the client. My roommate and myself got a “Beta has stopped working” message and therefor could not download it. Hickshooter started downloading it but got amazing download speeds of 5-15kb and gave up. My last friend with the best computer completed the download and that’s how we got to play.

So, already you can see I was rather unimpressed, but I said to myself “It’s just the beta…” and continued on. Even on the absolute lowest graphics settings, the game was mind numbingly beautiful. Seriously, I have never seen a more beautiful game, but I would rather have the playability it lacked than to be able to see the moss perfectly growing on the trees.

Setting the scene here, you’re character is on a friendly little romp in the woods for no particular or explained reason when some flashy lights happen and two people fall from the sky, two very annoying people who think they have died. But alas, some wolves spring from the bushes and it is up to your character to beat them, this is where you can be put off.

You have four things to kill. Good luck doing that in under ten minutes. Why? Because the servers are so filled with lag that your cursor lags, your character lags, everything is way behind what it should be. You roll your cursor over to click and have to wait ten seconds before it becomes clickable. It took a good 30 seconds before you were even set to active mode so you could fight.

About active mode, unless you’ve played 11, good luck knowing what it is because Final Fantasy 14 Beta gives you nothing. No explanation of how to do things at all. It’s sort of like a guess and check system there.

I will give the beta two things. One, the character customization is un-fucking-believably detailed, I really like that. Two, the cutscenes I saw were actually pretty humorous. It’s been a long time since I played a Final Fantasy with decent humor in it (I’m looking at you 12 and 13!).

Like I said, it’s just a beta and I can’t be too hard on it. We are still not sure whether my friends computer was just having issues running it or if it was the extreme server lag. We’ll have more when it comes out on consoles, because no one here apparently has the PC to handle such and epic game.

Drunken Moogle helps me pass the time.

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“Remember that time you got really drunk and tried to suck your own dick for like…AN HOUR? This is what you looked like.”

The Drunken Moogle
If you are 21, or know someone to buy for you, or have a family with a substantial liquor stash, the Drunken Moogle is like the creme de la creme of ways to pass your time as a video game fan. Liquor with a video game twist just makes you feel more awesome when you are drinking alone in your basement playing final fantasy 10 and feeling slightly like an alcoholic. Has everything from the T-virus (a clear drink with blue liquorish in it that makes it look…ironically like a T-virus vial) to the Fat Man (a fallout 3 themed drink that will probably fuck you up, but also make you barf due to the extensive mixing of lights and darks). Advertises video game themed shot glasses, video game themed drinking games, and does it all while being a fancy pinky-high drunk!

Props to them. 

The Future of Console Shooters

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With up coming new releases to both of my favorite console shooters rapidly approaching, one of which being a prequel Halo:Reach it has also been announced as the last game Bungie will have an active hand. Then there is also COD:Black Ops which also branches back to a time before Modern Warfare 2 story line.

The Halo series is finally coming to an end, and the disbanding of Infinite Ward, marks the end of era. I wonder what 2011 will have in store for us with shooters, since two giants in the genre could disappear off the radar. This would be the perfect opportunity for some other series, Battlefield being the first series that comes to mind to be able to expand without more well known series looming over its head as much. I guess there is always the possibility that Bungie might start a new shooter series, for now it will just have to stay a possibility until Bungie decides to display whatever it is they had been working on besides Reach.

Through the grape vine I have also heard rumor of Infinity Ward reassembling under a different name, and will continue producing games, their future will probably have a lot to do with the court battles Ex-CEO’s of Infinity Ward have been having with Activision over licensing and monetary issues.

I personally look forward to seeing what 2011 will have in store with us, maybe we will see a new giant in the industry rise up and take a place amongst all these other well known shooters. Here is to keeping your fingers crossed for some great surprises in the coming year.


The Sagara Family was…uh…*nosebleed*

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I’m not going to lie, even though I am a girl, I thoroughly enjoy an Eroge game every now any then. I’d like to say that I play them purely because I enjoy the dating sim-esque element to them, but that’s be a lie. I do enjoy the dating sim thing, but I enjoy the prizes too 😀

This was the most worksafe pictue I could find.

I’ve played a few Eroge games, but The Sagara family has literally a little bit for everyone. You are Yusuke, a young man who’s about to go into college. You are sent off by your father to board with his friend’s family to make things easier. To your surprise however, his friend’s family — the Sagara family — is comprised solely of beautiful girls. There’s the sexy widowed mother Maria, and then there are her four daughters: the demure Arisa, the feisty Sanae, the mysterious Emiru, and the playful Ruruka. You’ll be living with these ladies from this day on, and you’ll soon find out that in the Sagara family, almost anything goes…

Anything as in getting drunk with the mother and fucking her. Saving the eldest sister from her overly handsy boss, down right raping Sanae because she was acting like a whore, playing cosplay funtime with Emiru, and going for that underage piece of ass Ruruka.

It was awesome to me till the incest…and when they whipped out the big black strap-on. Then things got a little weird…

I enjoyed it, but I have one complaint, the same complaint I have about almost all Eroge. Takes to long to get to any dialog options or to any sex. It’s like reading a visual novel for most of it. If I ever find an Eroge game that lets me pick every single dialog option, I’ll die a happy, dirty, perverted woman.

As a gift from me to you, Download it Here.

Gearbox rumored to now be working on Duke Nukem Forever – YEAH RIGHT!

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So I was browsing Kotaku today, and I saw the silly rumor that you read in the title. I laughed for about three minutes until the laughter faded and I got to thinkin’

Diablo 3 being worked on?
Duke Nukem Forever back in development?

I just need two more horses and we would have the four horses of the apocalypse in this bitch.

Somebody hold me.

Gearbox has yet to confirm, but Take-Two Interactive did confirm that they still held the publishing rights to the game. Some crazy bastard even went as far as to jest that there would be a playable demo out later this year.

13 Evils Activision Hasn’t Done Yet

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13 Evils Activision Hasn’t Done Yet

This article, made my day good. I’m an enthusiastic MW2 player, so of course I was enraged about Activisions’ tryst with Infinity Ward. I don’t care what people say, Infinity Ward made better games than Treyarch ever will. It will be proven with Black Ops, unless Treyarch completely jacks their swagger so to speak.

Anyway, awesome article. Go read it.

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