Legendary anime Gunbuster to get manga

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It was announced a few days ago that Gunbuster will be receiving a manga, like most popular animes do. However, they are a little late on the jump here since the anime has been around since the 1980’s and has been a classic in the hearts of many. I know that it’s literally the only mecha anime that I can stomach.
The manga will appear in the December issue of Young Ace and is drawn by the elusive Kobacha, I say elusive because it’s impossible to find his other works.

The Walking Dead TV Premiere

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Last night all my dreams came true in relation to The Walking Dead’s Live Action TV show. I have been waiting for this since about May when I heard it was in the making. For once, I was not disappointed. It was truly amazing. Because it did what some people fail to do with live action, it stayed close to the storyline.
The comic was brought to life through the characters that looked and ACTED like their comic book counter parts. Though there was so strangely not canon bits in there, I was willing to look past purely because I understand that you can’t do everything exactly by the book. There is one tiny thing that has been bothering me though. In the first episode and in all the promo pictures, I have not seen Donna, Allen, and their twin boys. It makes me wonder how far this TV show will go…
I do hope it at least gets to the Prison Arc, preferably further. But without Donna and Allen’s twins in there, you’ll miss one of Carl’s truly badass moments. That kind of…makes me a little sad, but time (and their ratings) will tell what they do.
Also, I have an eye for good marketing. The Toyota Corolla commercial they showed during was certainly one of them. I was momentarily confused because it had zombies in it. Great marketing is great.

At least we have the Walking Dead to look forward to.

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No funny caption available for such badasses.

Since most of my October has been a let down, I comfort myself by reminding me that October 31st, the long running zombie epic Comic The Walking Dead is being made into a TV series. A pretty decent looking one at that, I mean, they made the characters look like their comic book equals. So instead of getting so drunk at a frat party that I pass out and gurgle on my own vomit, I’ll be sitting safely on my bed bouncing up and down as I watch AMC. One would think they somehow planned it like this…

For those of you who don’t know what the Walking Dead is, oh, man, dude. Go piratebay it. It’s the most amazing (and only) zombie apocalypse comic you will ever read. It’s about a police officer Rick Grimes who, previous to all hell breaking loose, was shot and put in a coma in the line of duty. When he wakes up everyone is either gone or…undead. In a desperate attempt to find his wife and child, he travels across the zombie spotted tundra to Atlanta where he meets  up with a group of survivors. Rick and co. eventually learn that the zombies aren’t always the biggest threat of the apocalypse, sometimes it’s the living.


All silliness aside, it’s actually a really deep, emotion envoking comic with several valid points to make (and makes them well). If you don’t watch the show, I recommend reading it.

Fable 3, kind of a let down thar.

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Don’t worry my little bastard conceived out of wedlock with a whore from my “homeless shelter turned brothel”, I won’t let you down.
So. So, yeah. I’ve been waiting for Fable 3 ever since I bought Fable 2. that was a year before the release date was even announced. I was pretty psyched for it last week, I was pretty psyched by playing it this week, but…It seemed awfully lacking in thar.
For one, I beat the story in significantly less time it took me to beat the others. 8 hours. 8 Very short hours of squinting at my tiny tv to read text that I could’ve read fine on a bigger/HD one. I thought once I made if past the first part and was made King I would have more time. For example, I have a year to get ready to do something.
365 days it says. IT LIED. You have maybe…Five days of doing something, then you’re country gets utterly rolled. Though I won’t lie, this was the first Fable where the main villain actually scared me quite a bit.
Fable 3 tries very hard to make some sort of political point in there about monarchy and being a monarch, but that has so…little relevance to today’s world I don’t understand why they just couldn’t make a long fun game.
Fable 3 also tried to be creative in it’s menu system, it just came off as more of a hassle. Instead of opening a menu, pickin’ what’cha need, going to do it. You have to walk around every which way in sanctuary. It’s kind of deterring from making one want to change clothes or do anything. Basically, I didn’t do much outside the story, the towns felt…very tedious to run around in.
One good thing I absolutely loved was spell weaving, mixing your magic. Vortex+Fire = Firestorm! It was very cool.
But other than that…Meh.

Togainu No Chi

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It has been brought to my attention that the first episode of the new Togainu No Chi anime have presented itself. I’ve known about it for awhile, I’ve been a big fan of the violent manga based on the games I’ll never get to play because Asians love to horde everything that’s good. Damn you!
Anyway, I was talking to an old pal who failed to do some prior research, he seemed quite keen on watching it after seeing the first episode. I just want to let you all know that Togainu No Chi is based on a Boy Love game. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. I now just lay in wait for that poor young man to see what he’s watching.
Don’t be fooled by the violence, it’ll get gayer. Ah, for so many months was the man in above picture on my desktop…The whole “little red riding hood meets Mr. Wolf” thing, you see.

Berserk Promo 5

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Young Animal released another promo for the new Berserk anime.

It’s only awesome (or even relatively new) content is the fact that it shows the Skull Knight just chillin’ on his horse. This tells me it’s going to be a bit more canon than the original anime, but does not tell me if it’s going to go past the Golden Age arc.

See the other 4 promo videos on young animals’ website or on my blog here.

WoW Expansion Catacylsm set for Dec. 7

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After much ado on Blizzard’s part (though I feel it is in someway Activisions’ fault), the newest expansion for World of Warcraft is set to be released on December 7th, the day before Hickshooters’ 21st birthday, and will consume the lives of all who play it.

The world will stop on December 8th (with the exception of Hickshooter driving to a liqour store and picking me up something good) because everyone will be…Leveling to 85 and gearing up for new raids.

I’m sure at the midnight release, I’ll see nerds stretching, drinking coffee and inserting catheters into they’re urethras for the long amounts of sitting they are about to do for the next month. The holidays are now ruined thanks to Blizzard (and again, I’m sure Activision wants to shit on your holidays anyway.)

New Berserk Anime Project – with videos

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On a little sleeve slipped onto Berserks’ 35th manga volume that was released in Japan recently, it was announced that they will be launching a new Berserk Anime Project. Needless to say, when I read that, I peed all over myself. That’s old news, I know. I was slow on the jump because I wanted to wait for a little more about it to be released, well…We have PROMO VIDEOS NOW!! With narrations by Gackt.

Provided from Young Animal (the magazine where Berserk runs)




There is a 4th one, but it’s essentially all three meshed together. The fifth promotional video comes out tomorrow October 5th.

Now those videos were lovely! Beautiful animation that comes with most modern anime, but those scenes…They were all from the Golden Age Arc, except for maybe that scene with Griffith, it sort of looked like reborn Griffith to me. Will we not be getting anything further from the Golden Arc in this anime? I’ll tell you when more information presents itself.

Activision can go eat a dick

September 21, 2010 at 6:10 pm | Posted in activision, rage, video games | 1 Comment

Today I read something that really, REALLY pissed me off. Apparently the Activision CEO said that he finds Facebook more of a threat than companies like MS, Sony, Disney, EA, and Nintendo. Purely he says because Activision has their dirty little shitty piss fingers on more businesses than them and they will have to struggle to keep up with them in online business.

I’ve looked at the new Medal of Honor coming out, and decided to wait for Black Ops, but you know what? I’mma get MoH now too. Fuck you, Activision. 

He goes onto say that Bungie is the last good indie developer left.

Really? Is this the day of outrageous statements that make you look like a dick?

Bungie? Really? Faggy Halo Bungie FagFag? Not Value, or Epic, or even GearBox?

Again, Fuck you Activision. Go chow on some dick, brohan.

4 Arrested in 3 year old Belgian Death Note Murder Case

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I used to run another blog on wordpress back in the day (fuck wordpress), and I wrote an entry about a murder case where Belgian police found a human torso and 2 thighs laying ina park, next to it was a note that said “watashi wa KIRA dess”.

Facepalms were had, not just for the blatant mispelling  but for the uber lame Death Note copy cat. Turns out recently the case was solved. This is good, because still today my blog gets some weird ass comments from Kira wanna-be’s. Go read that link, you’ll lol.

As I was saying, apparently the four people involved got into a fight with the man that was murdered, my guess is he was a shitty Dungeon Master, those piss me off too. Well, regardless, they killed him. From the way the article was written, leaving the mispelled note was just a side thought on their part.

As in, they killed him, cut him up, and then was like “Hey, man. We should totally leave a note like Raito did, that’d be bitchin.”

Sounds like it was more premeditated than that. Murders don’t usually get spur of the moment awesome ideas like that, I know, I’ve watched enough Law and Order SVU to know.

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