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If you didn’t know. XD

Chances are very high right now that I’m not going to post anymore updates after this.  I lack the time and the patience. However, I will leave this up for people to…view and whatever.

Now for a little closing business. If you like what I post, how I post, whatever is here. There is one place you can find me for sure.

MFG Forums – Anime community 

It’s originally a Dragonball Z and Naruto community, but you can really chat about anything you want there. I’ll be there. So….Go on and join it.


ANN now showing Anime streams online; World implodes.

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As a went to check the news on Anime News Network, I was bombarded by not the plain and informative white background, but a pleasing orange one filled with boobies. Yoko’s boobies from Gurren Laagan, to be exact. After I ogled, I clicked it to see what sort of promotion this was for.

They are streaming episodes online now. Full episodes from what I understand. Considering this is a site that promotes the purchase of anime, I was shocked. BUT PLEASED.

Since I saw Comic Party Revolution there. ❤

The list.

-Ah! My Goddess FOF (I have no idea what FOF stand for, no.)
-Air Gear
-BAST of Syndrome
-Chance Pop Session
-Comic Party Revolution
-Gurren Laagan (subtitles)
-Jinki Extend
-Karau Phantom Memory
-Magical Play
-Paniponi Dash

Minami-Ke Episode 3

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Been a little bit, I need to watch hard to catch up to all the other anime blogs out there with this one. Especially since after this series ends there is another Minami-ke series slotted.

Anyway, this is a seriously Kana-centric episode. It’s basically centered around her growing relationship with Fujioka. It starts off at school, Kana and her friend Keiko. It’s obviously a test day and everyone is getting back their marks. Kana is proud of her score of a 65 (which is failing at my school…?) and refers to it as a ‘very human score’ unlike Keiko’s calculator-esque 100 marks.

Banchou (fujioka) arrives on the scene. Kana thinks she can compete with him; however, as it turns out he scored one point above her. Kana is devastated. She is determined to beat him and makes a bet on it. Loser gets to be the other’s dog. Fujioka eagerly accepts. Hilarity ensues, and even after Kana’s obsessive edits, she still fails to beat Fujioka. However she does not end up being his dog.

Later that night, Kana and Chiaki are sitting around. Kana haphazardly asks Chiaki how her grades are. Chiaki distracts! Distracts with prawn and mayonnaise flavored cracks. Now I don’t know about you guys, but at the time, those sounded delicious. But Kana is onto her ploy! Chiaki shows Kana her near perfect marks, and in retaliation Kana drinks all her milk. Thus proving Chiaki correct that nothing good would come of this.

Kana tries to make nice, but in the end she just drinks all the milk. Not good, since Haruka is making cream stew tonight. =/ Kana rushes to go get some, but falls over ill. Milk will do that to you, fact. She then decides to make dinner herself….Nearly kills them both.

The next day, Kana is ambushed by Fujiko as she sleeps. He states that he really likes her. Kana runs home for Chiaki’s council. Chiaki seems to think that he must…really like her. The next night Chiaki returns home to find the banchou in their house. Kana is attempting to play nice with him. Everything is going fairly well until Haruka makes a comment that he reminds her of Dad. Chiaki, obviously not knowing much of her father, decides to jump at this chance.

In a very…pedophilish way, Chiaki sits down between Fujioka’s legs. After a bit of thought, Kana is alarmed! Fujioka is trying to turn her own sisters against her! She kicks him out. XD

Ani-Monday 12/17/2007 – Blood and Dead Leaves

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I’ve missed Ani-monday the past few weeks. Except last week in which they were showing Tin Man (I loved Tin Man, by the way.) But this week it’s back and instead of showing some series that I’m really behind on (Noein >_>) they are showing some great movies, Blood: The Last Vampire and Dead Leaves. Now I’ve never seen Blood, much less it’s series counter-part Blood+ (Which is shown on Adult swim) but I have seen Dead Leaves.

From what I gather the plot of Blood is:

At Yokota Base in Japan, a nervous American military garrison is on the brink of the Vietnam War. However, a greater threat exists within the walls of the heavily-guarded compound: Vampires. A team of top-secret undercover agents learn of these blood-sucking fiends and dispatch the mysterious Saya to hunt down and destroy them. This beautiful yet dangerous vampire slayer must use her extraordinary abilities and lethal Japanese sword to save the humans from the vampires who neither fear nor are susceptible to sunlight.

Source: AnimeNFO

It doesn’t sound too bad, persay. I’m just not big on vampire anime…Why don’t they ever make Werewolf anime? For serious.

I’m actually pretty pumped to re-watch Dead Leaves. It’s interesting and crazy and hilarious!

Pandy and Petro found themselves naked and in a desolated field. They didn’t know who they were and why they were there. They gave free reign to their desire, and rob citizens of foods and weapons. Soon, they were run after the Police. After a violent car chase with the Police, they were finally arrested and transferred to the prison, “Dead Leaves”. There, it was a costume that the guards kill the prisoners to kill time. Dead Leaves is a horrible prison where no one could escape from.

Source: AnimeNFO

If you watch it you will either be mind raped because your taking it far too seriously, or you’ll laugh your ass off. Maybe both? Who knows.

Shigurui Episode 6 ~ Cry of Childbirth.

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This episode was the very fitting midpoint of the twelve part series. And what an episode it was! I haven’t been quite this interested in Shigurui since the third episode.

It starts off with Iku tied up in a shack. Ushimata is there watching over her. It turns out that Kogan has become very aware of Iku and Irako’s love affair and betrayal. Her nipple was cut off as punishment, oh….and Ushimata eats it. Yeah, from the drool coming out of his face cuts, I’d say it was pretty tasty. He then states that it is time for Irako’s punishment to begin.

Outside it switches to where we left off. Ushimata is there now too. He says that Irako must test his skills against him before he can learn Nagereboshi. Things do not go as Irako predicts, Ushimata jams his wooden sword into his chest and when Irako is on his kness he seriously wounds him my stabbing his back. Thus the punishment begins.

It is Fujiki’s turn now, Irako is very disturbed by this as he is badly wounded. Kogan asks if he wants to stop. Irako, thinking that this is still a Nagareboshi training session, summons up his strength and faces Fujiki. An epic slow motion sword battle occurs. Irako and Fujiki seem equally matched; however, blood is about to drip into Fujiki’s eyes. Irako tries to use this as his advantage, but it does not work out.

Irako seems to go into a dream land where Kogan is crazy again (and eats a sake cup), he is the successor of the Dojo, Mie loves him, and his mother moves in with him. When he wakes up from such delusions Fujiki is punching the ever living shit out of him. And for once! It is not in slow motion! And it is b-e-a-u-ti-ful!

Irako passes out and is woken up by Iku stabbing him with a hot poker (this wasn’t her choice, of course) he rolls outside where the landscape is surrounded by blue fire and the moon is red. This time he must fight Kogan himself. Back at the dojo Mie is smiling. She is obviously happy about whatever she thinks is happening.

After Kogan states that he knows of Irako’s betrayal he…does Nagareboshi (I believe) and cut’s Irako’s eyes. There is some great insight after that where Irako screams in Iku’s arms. A monster was born that night. Apparently two monsters were born, which I assume would be Fujiki, whose due to lose an arm now anytime. What an awesome episode…

Shigurui Episode 5 ~ Nipple-Bean Splitting.

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Alrighty, long time no see Shigurui~ Finally more episodes started appearing on Crunchyroll, and they are as mind-raping as usual.

The episode starts off with Irako and his barbaric ways. He’s fighting someone, and if the lower quality didn’t effect what I was watching, I believe he beheaded him. Definitely killed him. Other than that it is a fairly mundane day at the Kogan-ryuu dojo. At night, however, is when things really heat up. It turns out that Iku and Irako are having an affair.

A affair behind master Kogan’s back. Irako mentions that she would be his mother when he marries Mie, so he decides to not have anymore flings with Iku. Iku doesn’t much care for this idea. As much as I dislike Irako, I’d rather have him than a creepy old man.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Irako is not the son of a swordsman, but a dyed cloth merchant. The next scene shows him going to a woman’s house and brings her food. She’s gawd-awfully ugly. >_> I doubt she is a whore though. From the dialogue he says to her later, I wager she is Irako’s mother.

Now the thing that happens next confused me. Why? Because I can’t tell if the woman is Iku or Mie. It could be either one, actually. The whole scene is about some girl who’s pregnant and she’s had the child inside her for ten months. The women about town think it has died in the womb because it is the child of a demon. When she finally gives birth, she is alone and…ugh…Birth scenes have never been so graphic. The crazy thing is that the baby crawls up it’s mother and opens it’s eyes. Yeah.

Obviously that wasn’t real, but still. I don’t know if it was Mie or Iku. The scene switches to Iku with spiders crawling all over her naked body, symbolizing Kogan’s hands on her. Kogan stops and goes to his sword. He’s noticed that Fujiki has take good care of it. Then Iku comes over and he does his bean splitting technique on her.

Guess where? Yeah. Her nipple. I lulz’d. He then gathers all the student at the dojo. Fujiki goes to fetch Irako, Irako than arrogantly tells Fujiki to call him ‘Young Sensei.’ -_-

As they reach the top of the dojo, Kogan is dressed in full samurai gear. He states that he will now teach Irako the secret Nagereboshi technique. Irako is pleased. =/

The episode ends with the pine cones Irako put in a child’s snow man falling out and blood pouring from the holes. Foreshadowing? I think so. I smell a little betrayal coming from Kogan.

Myself; Yourself Episode 4

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If I were to give anime episodes titles, I would name this episode ‘Shuu’s Stalker ~ Pedophillic urges’. It’s probably for the best that I don’t name anime episodes. =<

This episode was hilarious. If I didn’t already find myself looking forward to this anime each week then this episode would’ve hooked me.

Shuu, after finishing Kendo practice, grabs some food and walks home. On his way he sees some boys bullying a little girl, like a good man he saves her. While chasing the boys away he drops his school ID and the girl picks it up.

The next day she is waiting for him. She returns the ID and then the episode ends. XD
No, not really. She tells the gang of his knightly deeds then leave. However, the next there she is waiting for him again. This chicka is in looove~

That ngiht Sana, being a man, can’t cook and goes out for dinner. He runs into this little girl, whose name I forgot to mention, it’s Mochida Hinako. Pretty important detail to leave out. Anyway, Hinako is collecting these yeti doll things, which is why she gets a kid’s meal. Or so she claims. She really wants to be grown up.

The next day, she follows Sana home and they get into some shenanigans. Sana was caught on top of Hinako with his shirt open by Aoi. Anyway, Hinako confesses that she is in love with Shuu and Aoi agrees to teach her the ways of lovin’

Sana gets assigned to do research. Shuu unoriginally likes big boobs. The funny thing is, he’s using his sister as a reference for what he likes. He likes everything she is not. Hinako begs Aoi to teach her the secret of big titties. They go to ask her mother. Her mother suggests that Sana squeeze them. Sana says they aren’t even big enough to do that. Sana gets punched. XD

Next, Shuu likes girls who can cook. Hinako tries, but even with Aoi’s godly instruction fails. It appears that she has killed Sana with her love curry. =0

Next, Shuu likes quiet soft spoken girls. But Shuu is a little freaked out when Hinako acts all quiet. Finally they set up a date at the aquarium where Hinako will confess her love. Shuu, of course, turns her down. But in a nice honest way.

On the way home, Sana and Hinako have one of those meaningful anime talks. He hugs her and says it okay to cry over a broken heart. Awwww~

Ikki Tousen live action in the works? Hardcore fights, with Softcore porn.

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The North American manga publisher Tokyopop introduced its plans for a live-action adaptation of Yuji Shiozaki‘s Ikki Tousen fighting manga at its booth at the TIFFCOM film trade show in the Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on October 22. Tokyopop publishes the English version of this manga under the name Battle Vixens. The story is loosely based on the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms Tokyopop‘s synopsis of the proposed remake described it as an adolescent comedy set on American college campuses, with the possibility of casting an Asian female in the lead role. and depicts provocatively dressed girls (and boys) from different high schools that fight each other. A second draft of the live-action project’s story treatment has been completed.

The company’s TIFFCOM presentation also highlighted previously revealed plans for live-action adaptations of Kei Toume‘s Lament of the Lamb and Misaho Kujiradou‘s Princess Ai manga. The creative management firm William Morris Agency is representing Tokyopop in its negotiations to bring these proposals to reality.

Source: ANN 

Eh…heh heh heh. I’ve never watch Ikki Tousen myself, but I had a buddy who glorified it as a big ol’ fat fanservice anime like Tenjo Tenge. Good lawd, who doesn’t like panty shots and ass kicking all in the same anime right?

Even as a girl I can appreciate this to some extent (I’m a bit of an odd girl, you see.)

I like live action things too. In my Ikki Tousen I expect things like


And This,

And of course, it must include this,

I will enjoy my softcore porn drama with asian chicks…I mean >_>
I will enjoy Ikki Tousen live action when it comes out.
(Actually I probably won’t watch it, but still.)

Ef ~ Tale of Memories Episode 3

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Under the brightly colored sky, Renji and Chihiro read from her dairy about the day she first met Renji. She only lets him read so far though, since it is her diary after all. They continue to talk about her condition. Near the end of the conversation Chihiro admits that she’d like to just give up. She doesn’t want to be a bother to anyone, but living always makes her a bother to someone.

Renji goes home to have dinner with his oddly young, perky, and green-haired mother. They discuss Renji’s future, but he still hasn’t decided. An old friend Kuze-san is back and Renji is excited to deliver dinner to him. Renji wanted to talk with him, but he was having relations with a lady at the time.

The next day, Kei runs into Hirono who is actually making an effort to go to school that day. However, when Hirono goes to his secret roof hideout he runs into Miyako. Miyako drags him off to lunch. As lunch he runs into another classmate named Hayama Mizuki.

The thing about Mizuki is she…apparently has a crush on Kei. Is it just me or are lesbians turning up more and more often in anime these days? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Anyway, the scene switches to a friend of Hirono’s, Kyuusuke. He is breaking up with his girlfriend because they feel too distant. All Kyuusuke wants is to film.

Renji goes to meet Chihiro, but it starts to rain so he goes home making the assumption that she won’t come. Inside he ponders on how he can help his princess. The next day he meets Himura at the train station. He is a messenger for Chihiro. Chihiro waited for Renji all night and caught a cold. Renji at this point feels absolutely awful.

Elsewhere, Hirono meets Kei in the gym. She heard that he was hanging out with Miyako and says that she is a bad influence. He sticks up for Miyako and lets it slip that he was with her on Christmas. Kei is…pissed about him skipping her Christmas party to be with Miyako.

Ghost Hound Episode 1

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Something new. Can’t say too much on it so far. Seems like it could go good places. Has a similar theme to Mokke, you could say. but I don’t think it’s going to get on my nerves as much as that anime did.

The episode starts off rather morbidly as we see a very young girl laying still on a bed. A fly lands on her lips. She does not even flinch. Is she dead? You don’t find out. The onlooker switches to an aerial view over a shrine. Then, on some stone steps, this apparition with brown eyes sees a girl. She looks directly up at him.

Komori Tarou, our hero I guess, wakes up from his dream. He records his dream and then goes to wonder outside. He meets a woman who is picking up some sake  for an old man. At dinner that night the family discusses daily babble monotonously. Komori’s mother prayed to a shrine before dinner. It had belonged to Komori’s sister who passed away sometime.

The family still seems a bit sad about it. Weary, shaken, depressed…You know. Even mentioning her is taboo.

The next morning at school, Komori is exhausted and passes out in class. He has another out of body dream where he can actually see himself from above. He then sees a room full of girls laying still like the ones he has seen before. He has memories of being shut in a box by a big man. He wakes up and leaves.

Outside of his classroom a boy named Nakajima Masayuki approaches him and introduces himself. He makes mention that Komori’s name sounds like an honor students name. Perhaps foreshadowing what he would possibly want to be friends with him for.

Komori goes to see the school’s new psychologist upon the principals’ request. During this session we learn that Komori is narcoleptic and was involved with an incident two years in the past. If I read the subtitles right he and a bunch of other kids were kidnapped. He was found safely, but I’d wager that the kidnapping claimed his sisters’ life.

Meanwhile, Nakajima is pestering the school’s bad boy Oogami.  He asks a strange question about why Oogami would hate Kormori. After school, Komori is walking home when he comes across the girl he saw look at him in his dream. Through her eyes, we see she is looking as a ghost. The girls goes up a mountain path and the episode ends with Komori looking at that path.

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