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October 20, 2007 at 2:50 am | Posted in Death Note | 1 Comment
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You can catch a sneak peak of the Death Note dub on Adult Swim’s website. You can watch the first episode or wait until Saturday, October 20th (tomorrow) at 12pm Eastern time, 11pm Central too see it.

…Part of me wishes it was really bad so that I could have a lot more to write about. In all honesty, it wasn’t bad. I had an immediate dislike of Raito’s voice because it didn’t sound as delightfully evil as one would’ve liked it.

That all changed after I heard his laughter. It is great, evil, demonic, sadistic laughter. With little stifled wheezes in there. Wonderful.

Ryuuku’s voice wasn’t as low as raspy as I would’ve wanted, but it fits him pretty well.

If they totally ruin L’s voice, I will be forever angry. But he’s not in the first episode. …I Think. I was always more of a manga reader with Death Note.

Did you know…that the one article about Death Note I put on this blog is the one article with the most hits? Someone needs to explain to me why this series just ‘clicked’ with every single person who read/watched it.

Anywho~ Dubs’ good. Prepare for American Fanbases flooding your forums. BRAAACE YOURSELVESSS~


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