Ghost Hunt Volume 3 manga review.

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Starts off with our SPR crew, Meaning Mai and Naru (with Lin-san lurking around somewhere, probably) sitting in the office on a boring old Sunday. Monk-san comes in to spice things up, where we learn that he’s in a back-up band and a studio musician as well as a monk. Lordy, that’s awesome. Anyway, Monk-san asks them for their expertise on a case where a desk in a school is cursed. Anyone that sits in it gets caught in a train door and dragged along.

…LOL. I know, that’d be…unfortunate and painful in real life, but for now it’s pretty funny.

SPR IS ON THE CASE! After talking the to Principal and a large handful of students, the SPR become seriously concerned about this case. So they call in Ayako, Masako, and John as well to help them out. A student tells them a girl with ESP that is able to bend objects so they go to the Biology club. This is where we meet two important players in the case Kansai, the girl with ESP, and Kei Ubusuna, the Biology teacher.


To earn Kansai’s trust, Naru shows her that he can also bend things. Apparently it’s a secret as he tells Mai to not mention it to anyone.  Mai and Naru are later left alone in a room, suddenly a spirit begins to materialize from the ceiling. Luckily, Monk-san comes in a sucessfully wards it off. But it definitely looked at Naru with a killing intent.

Later Naru realizes this is a case of a Zuso, a person who uses spells to curse others. Now, who could be doing that? Definitely not Kansai, Mai’s intuition is sure of that. The then go on a Hitogata hunt. A hitogata is like a voodoo doll with the victims name on it, it causes a spirt to go after said person.  Then find them in almost every place of the incidents.


Mai, being similar to every anime girl ever, trips and falls into a sewer hole. Naru quickly grabs her before she falls, but a spirit pulls her and Naru down there. Turns out Naru is a magician, doing coin tricks to amuse Mai. They are interrupted when the spirit stalking Naru returns, but this time Lin-san shows up. Turns out there were quite a few Hitogata in that hole. Ones for Naru and Mai too.

Naru faints, but when he comes to he’s solved the mystery. The caster, as it turns out, was not Kansai, but the biology teacher Kei Ubusuna. Turns out shejust wanted to protect Kansai’s ESP from people that’ll say she was cheating. There’s a big long spiel about it, but it’s too…complex to put into words. Go read the volume?


Ghost Hunt Volume 2 manga review

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Now if you surf the net looking for scary anime, like I have, this volume will sometimes turn up with people saying it’s scary. It’s not. There are worse ones. Actually most Ghost Hunt volumes turn out more sad than scary.


When we left off in volume one Mai was invited to work for Naru’s company, Shibuya Psychic Research (SPR) as a secretary. I feel I should mention that there is very little Lin (Naru’s real assistant) in this chapter, but there are some really funny little side stories in the panels. I felt I should mention that.

A case comes in and it turns out that Houshou Takigawa, or Monk-san as they call him, and Ayako Matsuzaki (a Miko) are going to be frequent characters since Naru hires them to help with exorcisms. John Brown (The Australian exorcist) and Masako Hara (Psychic medium from TV) show up too, but not much in this volume.

The case is that a woman and her child are being tormented by a poltergeist that flips furniture and causes dangerous accidents about the house. But the dead giveaway is that the little girl is carrying a doll. Not a strange, but normal Cabbage Patch Kids, but one of those creepy porcelain faced dolls.

Ayako does an exorcism, and much like in volume one, she fails at it. Then after more incidents happen, it’s Monk-san’s turn to try and exorcism. Didn’t work. Turns out the Ghost is in a very obvious place. Where!? In the doll, that’s right. So they burn it. Which is quite possibly the most popular way to deal with anything strange.


Exorcism of a doll. 

Finally, through the combined efforts of Masako, John and ultimately Naru the ghost is put to rest. It turns out she was a mother who’s child was kidnapped and so she suicided in the well. Now her ghost had been dragging children down into said well that had been build over.

Sounds a lot like Ringu to me. >_>

For volume filler they end it with a case about a Ghost in the park. Ultimately it’s about Masako’s romantic interests in Naru as well as Mai’s little hints of jealousy. The Ghost they find is hilarious, though. XD


Masako is possessed by the park ghost, BTW. 

Manga Review Ghost Hunt Volume 1

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The decrepit building was condemned long ago, but every time the owners try to tear it down, ‘accidents’ start to happen – people get hurt, sometimes even killed. Mai Taniyama and her classmates have heard the rumors that the creepy old high school is haunted – possibly by ghosts from the Second World War. So one rainy day they gather at the old school to tell ghost stories, hoping to attract one of the suspected spirits.

No ghosts materialize, but Mai and her friends do meet Kazuya Shibuya, the handsome young owner of Shibuya Psychic Research, who’s been hired to investigate paranormal activity at the school. Also at the scene are an exorcist, a Buddhist monk, a woman who can speak with the dead, and an outspoken Shinto priestess. Surely one of them will have the talents to solve this mystery. 

That’s the summary from the back anyway.  Basically, girl folds to peer pressure and end up in an unsafe an possibly haunted building. Girl and co. are surprised by a stranger. Girl and co. are of course not scared of him because how could someone so handsome rape and murder them. -_-

Well, no raping goes on. At least until the next day when Girl (who I’ll start calling Mai anytime now) goes into the building and…does the most predictable thing.  Trips and breaks a camera and Kazuya Shibuya’s assistants’ head. Now, Mai gets shafted into being Shibuya’s assitant because she broke his assistant and his camera.

Let the wacky hijinx commence! 😀 But not really. After finding out Shibuya’s completely into himself, Mai gives him the nickname Naru (short for Narcissist.) As they finally begin the job Naru was hired to do, they find out the school really wants this ghost gone. They also hired a blonde long haired monk by the name of Houshou Takigawa, a stunningly beautiful Miko called Ayako Matsuzaki, an odd Australian exorcist named John Brown (ugh, so generic) who speaks with Kansai dialect, and the soft spoken spiritual medium Masako Hara from television.

And off the crew go on their marry way to hunt ghosts! In short, the rest of the story goes ‘There’s a ghost here, Uh, no…There isn’t, Yes, there definitely is! No. Maybe…? Wait, no. ect.’ This all being told in a much more entertaining way. Shelves shaking, buildings moving. That sort of thing.  As for the end. Well, I guess you’ll have to read it to find out if there really was a ghost. =p

It was a decent read though, not the most action packed thing, but it kept my attention well. If you like mysteries this would be a nice choice. I get the feeling that there is a little romance brewing in this manga though.

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