Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Episode 1

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FINALLY! Crunchyroll finally uploaded they episode. I’ve been waiting you see. I wasn’t disappointed, either.  The only disappointment I got was in the subtitles. They were far to small, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual anime so…

The episode starts off with Yako stuffing her face with what, to me, looks like a chocolate covered omelet.  She gets a call from Neuro, making it obvious that they had already met. Turns out she’s already pretty famous as a detective.

They have a case, good thing too because Neuro’s a growin’ boy and needs his mysteries. >_>

They end up at a world renowned restaurant called Shiroto Supreme. It’s been Yako’s dream as a foodie to eat there. Now Shiroto, the owner, complains that he’s been getting threatening letters. SUDDENLY~ There’s a crash from the kitchen. When they get there Shiroto’s best Sous chief (Sous = Assistant, Iron chef = win) is dead on the floor, covered in…tomato sauce.

The police detectives, Sasazuka Eishi and Ishigaki Jun, that were already on the scene are convinced the killer came in through the back door and escaped. Yako, however, is much to preoccupied with the meal left on the counter. Shirota says she can eat it and…when she does…She says it’s an insult to her mouth.

Shiroto gets sort of mad…and veiny…and his eyes turn a bit bloodshot. He then fires Yako and Neuro and locks himself in the kitchen. Neuro suspects something and used One of 777 tools of the underworld to test what’s in the food. The riddle is on the tip of his tongue~ (Some day, I will find a way to use that line.)

The detectives, including the police, approach Shirota in the kitchen. Turns out he was the murderer! He used an ingenious tomato contraption to hold up the already dead body over a pot so it looked like he was alive when the police came. Anyway, it also turns out Shirota’s perfect food is made out of a cocktail of drugs.

What he does next, kids, teaches a lesson. You can interpret it as ‘Don’t do drugs. Period.’ or as ‘Only do one drug at a time. Period.’ Like mixing beer and hard liquor, don’t do it.

Shirota injects himself with his soup-food and becomes all ‘Incredible Hulk’ and tackles Neuro. Neuro, of course, being the demon that he is, just eats the riddle out of him. Causing his big muscular body to become frail and aged.

At the end we get an introduction to how Yako met Neuro, which was after her father’s death/murder. Now, if you wanted this episode to be in chronological manga order, you are disappointed. Yako meets Neuro > Cafe poison mystery > Yako’s father’s murderer > Shirota Supreme mystery.

Either way, I think they did a grand job with this episode.


Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro Volume 1 manga review

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So bascially, Neuro (the name is far too long to keep typing) volume one is one very original manga. I can see how some people wouldn’t want to read it due to it’s sheer oddity. But it really does draw one in. The mysteries in this volume are not so deep, and usually take one chapter to solve, but they are good ones. What’s better is that they range in variety, even if they are all murders.

Volume one introduces Katsuragi Yako, a seemingly distraught highschool girl, at the police station. He father, Seiichi Katsuragi, a 42 year old architect had just been brutally murdered in their home. Little does she know, Yako is being observed from above. Observed by Hell spawn Neuro Nougami. He follows her into her room by absorbing into the walls.

After popping out several times he introduces himself to Yako and tells her that he is looking for the ultimate riddle. Neuro eats riddles, you see. Now, I bet you’re wondering how he goes about doing that, righto? Well, it’s sort of like eating an aura. He just sort of sucks it up.


Suddenly Neuro gets a wiff of a good mystery and drags Yako to a bar, in which a man later dies from poison. After solving the case through with his demon tools he uses Yako as, well, a puppet. Sort of like how child Conan uses people in Detective Conan. Except his forces her to do it through demon powers.

Anyway, Neuro was not satisfied with just that one mystery. He decides to play the role as Yako’s assistant, with Yako being the detective. After solving the murder of her own father with Neuro’s help she gains even more respect from the police force. They now allow her to assist them on crimes.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro OP

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The Neuro anime comes out this month, I don’t know when this month, but I’m sure I will be told the day the RAW appears anywhere. I have a friend who practically pushed the manga on me a few months ago. Sooo~

I have the OP to look at, which I’ve had for awhile. Let me tell you, heh heh, it does not hold back on revealing the trip-fest this anime will be.

Quickest of the quick summary, Yako’s a young girl who is trying to solve the mystery behind her fathers murder. WHEN SUDDENLY! In her room a man called Neuro Nougami appears and acts…well, creepy. He says he’s hell spawn that eats ‘Riddles’. Let the mystery solving shenanigans commence.

Is it just me or is there a scene in there where a guy that looks like Raito from Death Note is smoking by police ribbons and then an L look alike turns up and starts twirling? I KNOW it’s not just me. Okay, maybe it is. Shaddup. >_>

That OP, man, it was absolutely crazy. 😀 Just like it’s manga counterpart. I’m expecting good stuff.

Expect manga review later today.

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