Eroge infuriates my small, perverted mind

August 2, 2010 at 7:06 pm | Posted in hentai | Leave a comment
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I’ve recently taken to playing Eroge games, H-games, or in layman’s terms…Hentai games. Now when I was a wee person, I found the non-pornographic dating sims simply fascinating! Played them all the time, could not get enough. Now that I’ve gotten older, my urges have grown.

…Yes, grown in a sexual way I suppose.

I still enjoy making the decisions in the game but the sheer amount of time I have to wait to get to the juicy details sends me into a rage, lol.

I have thus determined that you should just watch porn instead unless you have hours of free time. Buuut as these things go, I will leave ye with some suggestions.

The Meet ‘n Fuck series on Newgrounds is the best most instantly gratifying H-game I have ever seen. You make your choices, boom, she gets naked and you cum on her tits.

The Sagara family, which is to be downloaded is also a good one.  But those girls are cock teases and will make you wait.


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